Article 377 case pushed to 9th December 2009 in Supreme Court

Following up on last time’s post where we consolidated all the cases pending against the modification of section 377, the next date for hearing is set for 9th December 2009.

So here is the status as of now:

Case Name Case Number Next Date of Hearing Tagged With
S K Tijarwala DC 20913 9th December 2009 Suresh Kumar Kaushal
Apostolic Churches DC 20914 9th December 2009 S K Tijarwala
B P Singhal DC 22267 No info
Bhim Singh DC 25346 No info S K Tijarwala
Suresh Kumar Kaushal DC 15436 No info
B Krishna Bhat PC 11651 No info
Pratinidhii Sabha PC 14042 No info
Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights DC 24334 No info Suresh Kumar Kaushal
Krantikari Manuwadi Morcha (KMM) PC 17217 No info
Raza Academy PC  17315 No info

Note the addition of two more cases at the bottom to add to my tracking woes :( .

Some may remember that the Krantikari Manuwadi Morcha once supported Dara Singh who killed the Australian Missionary Graham Staines and his two sons. Now they’re aligning themselves to challenge the reading down of Section 377 with a Christian organization who’s trying to get justice for Graham! So basically killing 3 people is okay, but heaven forbid two people have sex in private!

The Raza Academy at the bottom of the pile apparently feels that India is subject to Muslim Sharia law by saying “The government should have held discussions with religious organizations before repealing the controversial Section- 377.”

So the number of people opposing the ruling has now reached a nice round figure – 10. I hope they cry themselves hoarse. Because any fool can see where this case is going – the loonies haven’t a prayer.

P.S: Apparently the court’s site gets updated many days after a hearing which is why I’m unable to immediately post the next hearing date. Maybe they have a weekly schedule or something- or perhaps they can’t handle the load. Bear with me on this…

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What’s your view on the matter?

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  1. So, now, we have 10 loonies against us gays and lesbians.
    I wonder if any of their children are indulging in “unnatural activities” right now as we read this.
    I wonder if any of these 10 guardians of Indian morality gleefully stripped off in the presence of members of their own sex in their whole lives.
    I wonder what they would do if their son or daughter were to come up to them and say, “Daddy I am gay and like it”.
    I wonder if these religious folks have even begun to understand that God is a super-power who created sexual orientation and the freedom to practice out of free will.
    I wonder if these 10 pundits realize that spirituality is larger than their wits.
    I wonder if any of them ever looked beyond their moth eaten religious dogmas at the wondrous variety of God’s universe.
    I wonder when they will learn enough religion to love and not just enough to hate.
    I wonder if they hope to become politicians and rise to corruption by stepping on us – the downtrodden.
    Oh yes, I wonder.


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