In India, your barber doesn't ask you too many questions about your haircut. Scissors or machine? What grade? In the US however, you'd better know what you want or else you come out with an abomination sitting atop your head.

Finally, a Real Haircut after 5 Years in the US

It's been three years since I had a good haircut. And I finally got one close to my house in Chennai. What went wrong before you ask? Well...I was in the US that's what! Now don't get me wrong, I know that Americans are perfectly capable of … [Continue reading]

A Wife is not a Personal Sex Slave – Marriage Myths Debunked

I'm still astonished at the number of people who feel that a husband is entitled to sex with his wife regardless of her wishes. I think it's obvious from the language that these individuals view their life partner as a glorified prostitute (that I … [Continue reading]

Modi, Tell me What you are FOR. Not what you are AGAINST

Believe me when I say I'm sick of the Congress and the UPA. They've mismanaged the economy, haven't protected fundamental liberties and have introduced some atrocious legislation as well as actively taken measures to block good judgments of the … [Continue reading]

Modi’s Stalking. If you Point at Others You’re not Doing Him a Favor

The Modi stalking episode has highlighted the main problem with the defense put up by those who support him. Apparently no one is interested in denying it or saying that the tapes are fake. That's usually the standard response of politicians - say … [Continue reading]

Do you Feel Burdened by Consciousness Itself?

Sometimes I feel tired for no reason other than being aware. Being conscious of the world is enough to drain my energy and I need to sleep to recharge. In fact, I think my peaceful lifestyle is my way of structuring the outside world so that I don't … [Continue reading]

Dear Modi, Please Provide Me with “Protection” as Well

Well I don't need protection, but there's no evidence that the girl who was put under surveillance needed it either. Her father asked for it? Oh, then it must have been ok! It's not as if every father in the world would like his daughter to have 24x7 … [Continue reading]

The “Assam Rape Festival” is a Joke. Get over it.

Right on cue, Indians are "protesting" against the satire article on The National Report talking about fictitious The Assam Rape Festival. Apparently it wasn't obvious that it was a satire, and even if it was obvious, there are limits etc etc. So the … [Continue reading]

Missing Steps in Theorem 1.21 of Rudin’s “Principles of Mathematical Analysis”

Since Rudin frequently skips steps either for compactness, or to make the student work out the answers themselves, I thought I'd post my workings online so that I don't forget them later on. I like to have everything spelled out for me, so I'll be as … [Continue reading]

How to Install Private Internet Access VPN on a Chromebook

I recently signed up for Private Internet Access - a well regarded VPN service for just $7 a month and $3 a month if you pay for a year in advance. It's easy to set up, gives me access to a large number of servers across the world, has excellent … [Continue reading]

A Child and a Dog – My Efforts in Kindness

This might seem weird as a confession, but I don't consider myself to be a very kind person. I mean I don't go out of my way to make anyone's life hard or anything, but I don't look out for ways to help either. Perhaps partly because I don't get out … [Continue reading]