Many people justify unfair laws on the basis of

Marriage Laws Shouldn’t Cater to “Social Realities”

India's laws are deliberately imperfect. Many of them do not adhere to ideals of our country and in fact actively work against them. I've long had  a difference of opinion with certain people when it comes to lawmaking - and marriage and divorce laws … [Continue reading]

If you assault someone for wearing one of these, you are a thug. No excuses, no justifications. The arguments of people defending those who attack Google Glass wearers are the same as those used for rape victims. No amount of

Shocking Responses to Attack on Woman Wearing Google Glass

Looks like attacking people wearing Google Glass is the new "cool thing" to do. The excuses are familiar. The attackers were "provoked", the girl wearing the glasses "had it coming", why was she wearing them in a bar, blah blah blah. New … [Continue reading]

A lot of Hindus have a love hate relationship with Islam. On the surface, they hate it and accuse it of destroying India. On the other hand, they secretly admire its intolerant nature and are eager to remake Hinduism in its image. To them, getting offended and threatening others with violence is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Many Hindus Secretly Admire Islam

On the surface, it may seem that the Hindu right dislikes Islam to the core. They talk about how their great past was ruined by invasions, and how Muslims are taking over India etc etc. But the response to the removal of Wendy Doniger's book suddenly … [Continue reading]

If you have to resort to banning a book, you've already lost. If you're the kind of person who wants to shut down someone else's freedom of expression, then Tom and Jerry cartoons are the only safe medium for you.

If you Can’t Tolerate Books, Stick to Nursery Rhymes

Book burning is alive and India. If not burned, then shredded and pulped. This ghastly imagery comes courtesy of hindu right wing groups unable to tolerate Wendy Doniger's 'The Hindus: An Alternative History'. Ironically, the organization … [Continue reading]

It's because of

Isn’t it Time we Got Rid of Our Traditions?

Anupa and I were watching "The Butler" last week. The opening scene where a white foreman at a cotton plantation casually destroys the life of a young black worker by raping his mother and murdering his father in cold blood (in that order), made me … [Continue reading]

What prevents someone from just

Do People Still Care about Caste?

This is an honest question - do people still care about caste in today's world? A person I know was asked about their caste recently from an otherwise well educated, "progressive" seeming person. The question came out of the blue from nowhere! … [Continue reading]

No guy ever really

“He Lost Control” – Why that’s a Bullshit Excuse

Underlying most of the victim blaming that goes on when a woman is assaulted, is a scary and rather offensive assumption. That men "can't control themselves". Apparently not a tiny number of people think that we are these slavering, foaming at the … [Continue reading]

I do NOT live in a country whose Constitution allows for discrimination against people based on their sexual preference. That Constitution is defended by the Supreme Court to protect and to strike down laws that are unconstitutional. The SC is failing to do its JOB by letting illegal laws stand and by passing the buck to the legislature.

Dear SC – We Want you to do your JOB!

How easy it is to lose faith in an institution you respected. When it comes to finding Section 377 unconstitutional, it's one whammy after another. After the Indian Supreme Court failed abysmally in its duty of protecting the fundamental rights of … [Continue reading]

Hindi movies routinely show a

Hindi Movies – Do Women WANT to be Hounded?

Anupa was watching a movie called Vicky Donor on her laptop the other day and was telling me how the hero "gets" the girl. First she finds him irritating, but he continues to stalk her, force himself on her and make her feel uncomfortable. They … [Continue reading]

Far from

Stop Talking about “Africans” – Racism is Disgusting

What is racism you ask? When Somnath Bharti says "Nigerian girls and men all indulge in prostitution and drug trafficking", it's racism. When people refer to "Africans" and what "they" do, it's racism. It doesn't just end with race or nationality. … [Continue reading]