The future is a blank slate. Here are three things the country needs NOW. A Uniform Civil Code, Police Reforms, and more resources to the Judiciary. With an absolute majority, there is finally a chance that we just might get them.

Three Things I’m Hoping Modi Will Implement

There's no doubt that we have a tremendous opportunity in front of us. A government with an absolute majority can make tough decisions that would never have been possible under a coalition. While we're still getting used to the novelty, here are the … [Continue reading]

Many of us have reservations about Modi. Now that he's won, I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt to do what's right. That doesn't mean we stop watching him closely. It means we should let ourselves hope that a strong government will finally be able to take the hard decisions that need to be taken.

Modi is PM. Now Let’s be Optimistic

I haven't been a Modi supporter. I found his campaign too "anti-Congress" instead of telling us what he's going to do, and I was repulsed by his snooping on a woman without her knowledge using state resources. I've also been worried that Modi might … [Continue reading]

I trust Modi to be a smart guy. If he wants to get elected (or re-elected), he can't go around spewing hatred and religious bullshit. But what about the insane people in his party? Will he be able to reign them in, or will he become another Manmohan Singh?

My Worry is that Modi Can’t Control the BJP

Most people worry about whether or not Modi will try and become the next dictator. They feel that the very characteristics that make him attractive to so many and that present a contrast with the weak Manmohan Singh are a cause for concern. But my … [Continue reading]

Asking and giving dowry is a negotiation between private parties. No one is forced to get married. And while I despise the notion of dowry itself, there is a principal at stake here. If a woman doesn't choose to make use of her right to say

Isn’t Dowry Given Voluntarily?

A huge debate in India is whether or not the government should make choices for people - usually women - and decide for them how they should live their lives. It's part of a larger debate on the role of the government throughout the world. The US … [Continue reading]

Learnt Nuvole Bianche on the Piano!

Ever since I first heard Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi years ago in the US, I thought it was way out of my league. Then I came back to Chennai where I had a couple of pianos at my disposal and after successfully learning "The Portrait" from … [Continue reading]

India was born only after Independence.  Those who don't agree with the Constitution and its basic values and rights should find another country to adopt. This is not the correct place for them to live in.

Leave India if you Don’t Believe in the Constitution

What will it take to show people that today's India is not the "Bharat" of their ancestors, and doesn't sanction the repressive practices of their erstwhile tribal villages? While many people get nostalgic about a mythical "golden past", it's time to … [Continue reading]

Indians need to learn to respect their adult children for who they are and what they want. In our country, parents lose all legal authority over their offspring once they reach the age of 18. This applies to women as well as men. Unfortunately many people don't seem to like this idea and it's extremely disturbing that the courts are encouraging them.

More Proof that Many Indians Don’t Like the Concept of Adulthood

Indian law and Indian society is uncomfortable with the idea of adulthood - and specially that of women. We've seen time and again that the law refuses to treat grown women over the age of 18 as full fledged adults capable of making their own … [Continue reading]

Five Months to Learn “The Portrait” on the Piano

I've always wanted to play "The Portrait" from Titanic on the piano. This time when I came back, I decided to learn it no matter how long it took. And after five months, I finally did it. This is the original score from James Horner. It's played when … [Continue reading]

Many people justify unfair laws on the basis of

Marriage Laws Shouldn’t Cater to “Social Realities”

India's laws are deliberately imperfect. Many of them do not adhere to ideals of our country and in fact actively work against them. I've long had  a difference of opinion with certain people when it comes to lawmaking - and marriage and divorce laws … [Continue reading]

If you assault someone for wearing one of these, you are a thug. No excuses, no justifications. The arguments of people defending those who attack Google Glass wearers are the same as those used for rape victims. No amount of

Shocking Responses to Attack on Woman Wearing Google Glass

Looks like attacking people wearing Google Glass is the new "cool thing" to do. The excuses are familiar. The attackers were "provoked", the girl wearing the glasses "had it coming", why was she wearing them in a bar, blah blah blah. New … [Continue reading]