It's clear that Modi can't control his party members. Lots of us like the idea of economic development, but hate the idea of a

Modi Should Leave the BJP, Form his own Party

When Modi was elected, I was willing to approach him with an open mind. I'm a firm believer that we need to forget the distant past. So I refused to judge him on the 2002 Godhra riots, just like I don't (and never did) care about the 1984 Sikh riots … [Continue reading]

The RSS, VHP, and other hindu organizations are forever comparing India to Islamic nations and saying "See! If you tried this in Saudi Arabia, you would be killed!" But so what? Are our standards so pathetically low that we're thrilled about being better than one of the most barbaric nations on the planet? Come on...that's no achievement!<br></br>
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Why do Hindutva Types Compare us to Saudi Arabia?

Whenever you point out intolerance in India these days, someone will respond "Please see the Middle East/Pakistan etc and look at how they do these things. If you did this there, you would be beheaded!" Whether it's in response to beef bans, or … [Continue reading]

Why is everyone so eager to blame priests and outsiders for "inciting" the mob that killed a man? Each and every member of that group was an adult and bears full responsibility for their actions. It's time we stopped infantalizing our citizens and started treating them as adults.

Beef Killings: “Provoked” and “Incited” my Foot!

When a mob kills a man, do you blame the mob or someone who "incited" the mob? Here in India we've progressed far down the road of infantalizing our citizens. This means that instead of condemning the people who actually committed the crime, we seek … [Continue reading]

Stop pandering to individual religions, or pander to ALL of them. If the government bans beef for "Hindu Sentiments", then please also ban meat for "Jain sentiments". No special treatment.

Why a Beef Ban and no Meat Ban?

Let me understand this right. The Shiv Sena and MNS are against a meat ban in Maharashtra because they don't want to give in to the Jain community's demands. Fine. But when it comes to banning beef to protect "Hindu Sentiments", the same parties … [Continue reading]

It's time we stopped justifying the poor treatment of women and others in the name of tradition. We need to move on and adapt better values, better ideas, and leave old ones behind. But for that to happen, we must all get together and murder this beast called "Indian culture". As long as that remains, it will continue to hold us back. <br></br>
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We Need to Murder “Indian Culture”

Was reading this blog post by Women's Web on what Indian women need to do right from the start of their marriage. Including: Calling your husband by his name Not being solely responsible for cooking/cleaning Not quitting their job All this … [Continue reading]

Indian parents need to learn to discipline their kids and prevent them from making a nuisance of themselves in public spaces. Compared to the other children I see around me in the US, kids here are generally well mannered and if they raise a ruckus, the parents are embarrassed and make them keep quiet. Or they remove the child from the area. Why can't we do the same?

Dear Indian Parents: Control your Annoying Kids

Disclaimer: This is merely a trend I've noticed with Indian parents and their kids. Obviously there will be exceptions. Keep that in mind before leaping on me! Recently, Anupa and I decided that it's been a long time since we had Indian food. In … [Continue reading]

Is this what we want to do to someone else? To kill innocent people and children? The Indian defense minister says he wants to use "terrorists to counter terrorists". Since when do we sanction violence against harmless people who have never hurt us in any way?<br></br>
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Sorry, but we can NEVER Fight “Terror with Terror”

I can't believe what I'm hearing. Our defense minister now thinks that "You have to neutralize terrorists with terrorists"! This is a shocking statement from someone who clearly has no idea what India stands for, and whose concepts of right and wrong … [Continue reading]

When both the perpetrators and direct victims of a crime are dead, it's time to let the matter go. The children of perpetrators have clean hands - and a country is made up of people. Yes, the colonization of India was a terrible thing. But from today's perspective, it's like a natural disaster. There's no one to blame, and there are no reparations to be made.

No Tharoor – The British Don’t Owe us Anything

Two months ago, the Oxford Union held a debate on whether or not the British owe reparations to its former colonies. Sashi Tharoor took part in it claiming that yes - the British have a moral responsibility for the years of colonization and … [Continue reading]

There is nothing wrong with Jindal wanting to give up his "Indian roots". He wasn't even born in India! It's profoundly racist to insist that just because he has a particular DNA and because his parents were born somewhere else, he has to attach a certain name tag to himself. Our identities are something we create for ourselves - they are not imposed on us.

Jindal Discards His Indian Roots – So What?

I think Bobby Jindal is a joker. His remarks about gay marriage itself are enough to mark him out as a silly guy catering only to his deeply conservative GOP base - whether or not he actually believes in what he says is anyone's guess. I have no … [Continue reading]

Ready to eat food is an evolution over cooking. The debacle with Maggi simply means that processes are going to improve. Home cooking isn't inherently superior.<br></br>
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Despite Maggi, Ready to Eat is Awesome!

Ok, Maggi's been caught with its pants down. With reports of excess lead content and reports of other contaminants, it'll be a while before my favorite pre-packaged Indian fast food snack recovers. I never even used to cook it - just eat it raw … [Continue reading]