My Net Worth Hits 50 Lakhs! Retire in 3 Years?

The last update to my retirement plans was in 2012 when my net worth was just 17 lakhs or so. Here towards the end of 2015, I've finally crossed the old retirement target I set for myself in 2010 of Rs. 50 L in today's value. Here's a complete … [Continue reading]

It's not a bad thing that the world grieves for Paris and not Beirut or Baghdad. We view the Middle East as a giant mess where such things happen too often to get worked up over it. Paris on the other hand, is viewed as "safe". Terrorist attacks there get much more attention. That's not a bad thing.<br></br>
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Yes, Paris Got More Attention than Beirut. Get Over It.

Seems like a lot of people who never showed any concern for Baghdad, Beirut and Lebannon attackes when they happened, have suddenly woken up. Now their complaint is that the rest of the world is grieving for Paris and ignoring bombings and killings … [Continue reading]

Normally when you don't like the nature of a country, you leave it and settle elsewhere. I would never live in an officially Muslim nation, and I wouldn't waste my time trying to change its basic nature. Similarly, the right in India seems to want a "Hindu nation". Since the character of India is so fundamentally different from what they want, doesn't it make sense for them to demand their own land outside India somewhere?<br></br>
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Should the Hindu Right Migrate to a New Country?

The Hindu Right is obviously upset. Recently, Girish Karnad got a death threat for saying something related to Tipu Sultan. Now getting a death threat is nothing special. Everyone gets them, especially over the Internet - big deal. What's interesting … [Continue reading]

I've always wanted to jump from heights, so I went bungee jumping in Costa Rica. It was the single dumbest thing I've ever done.

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica – What was I Thinking?

First things first. The jump was (almost) uneventful. The guides were thoroughly professional, followed all safety measures, and I have absolutely zero complaints on that score. Having said that, as I write this post, my palms are getting sweaty … [Continue reading]

Not everything generates the same outrage. Hindus on the Right feel that the murder of Prashant Poojary is being ignored, while the lynching in Dadri is receiving too much attention due to religious pandering. However, the real reason is simple. The circumstances of the murder in Dadri make the common man feel unsafe. The murder of Poojary however, does not. Here's why.

Dadri vs Prashant Poojary – Why They’re not the Same

The latest complaint of the Hindu right is to question the difference in the reactions between the Dadri beef lynching episode and the murder of the Bajrang Dal activist Prashant Poojary. You'll see pictures like this shared on Social … [Continue reading]

It's clear that Modi can't control his party members. Lots of us like the idea of economic development, but hate the idea of a

Modi Should Leave the BJP, Form his own Party

When Modi was elected, I was willing to approach him with an open mind. I'm a firm believer that we need to forget the distant past. So I refused to judge him on the 2002 Godhra riots, just like I don't (and never did) care about the 1984 Sikh riots … [Continue reading]

The RSS, VHP, and other hindu organizations are forever comparing India to Islamic nations and saying "See! If you tried this in Saudi Arabia, you would be killed!" But so what? Are our standards so pathetically low that we're thrilled about being better than one of the most barbaric nations on the planet? Come on...that's no achievement!<br></br>
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Why do Hindutva Types Compare us to Saudi Arabia?

Whenever you point out intolerance in India these days, someone will respond "Please see the Middle East/Pakistan etc and look at how they do these things. If you did this there, you would be beheaded!" Whether it's in response to beef bans, or … [Continue reading]

Why is everyone so eager to blame priests and outsiders for "inciting" the mob that killed a man? Each and every member of that group was an adult and bears full responsibility for their actions. It's time we stopped infantalizing our citizens and started treating them as adults.

Beef Killings: “Provoked” and “Incited” my Foot!

When a mob kills a man, do you blame the mob or someone who "incited" the mob? Here in India we've progressed far down the road of infantalizing our citizens. This means that instead of condemning the people who actually committed the crime, we seek … [Continue reading]

Stop pandering to individual religions, or pander to ALL of them. If the government bans beef for "Hindu Sentiments", then please also ban meat for "Jain sentiments". No special treatment.

Why a Beef Ban and no Meat Ban?

Let me understand this right. The Shiv Sena and MNS are against a meat ban in Maharashtra because they don't want to give in to the Jain community's demands. Fine. But when it comes to banning beef to protect "Hindu Sentiments", the same parties … [Continue reading]

It's time we stopped justifying the poor treatment of women and others in the name of tradition. We need to move on and adapt better values, better ideas, and leave old ones behind. But for that to happen, we must all get together and murder this beast called "Indian culture". As long as that remains, it will continue to hold us back. <br></br>
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We Need to Murder “Indian Culture”

Was reading this blog post by Women's Web on what Indian women need to do right from the start of their marriage. Including: Calling your husband by his name Not being solely responsible for cooking/cleaning Not quitting their job All this … [Continue reading]