My Worry is that Modi Can’t Control the BJP

Modi is probably not the real danger of the BJP coming to power. Will he be able to control the crazy elements?

Isn’t Dowry Given Voluntarily?

Should dowry be illegal in India? As despicable a practice as it is, I don’t think it should.

Leave India if you Don’t Believe in the Constitution

Khaps have no rights to “allow” inter-caste marriages. They need to leave this country and settle down elsewhere.

Marriage Laws Shouldn’t Cater to “Social Realities”

Advocacy for imbalanced marriage laws often says that “social realities” must be taken into consideration. I disagree.

Many Hindus Secretly Admire Islam

Many Hindus make a big show of hating Islam. But the truth is they’re awestruck with admiration for the way Islam conducts itself in the world.

If you Can’t Tolerate Books, Stick to Nursery Rhymes

Trying to ban a book is the ultimate sign of intellectual dehydration. If you can’t argue with ideas, cover your ears and cry “la la la la”

Isn’t it Time we Got Rid of Our Traditions?

Our Indian “traditions” are the root cause of much continued suffering. Prejudices can die out over time, but traditions are deeply embedded thorns.

Do People Still Care about Caste?

Is caste still a big deal in today’s world? What information do people gain from it, and why don’t people just “promote” themselves?

Dear SC – We Want you to do your JOB!

The Indian Supreme court has FAILED to do its JOB. Section 377 is blatantly unconstitutional and the court is shirking its responsibilities

Stop Talking about “Africans” – Racism is Disgusting

Somnath Barti is a textbook racist. Referring to “Africans” or “Nigerians” or “Ugandans” is vile. Stop doing it.