Thank you Rahul Gandhi. Drama or Not, the Ordinance is Dead

Instead of criticizing Rahul Gandhi for being dramatic, we should at least thank him for scuttling a disgusting piece of legislation.

So…Encourage Violence and Ban Free Speech?

Even though India is a free country, our politicians and police force don’t understand what that means. They need a civics lesson.

RTI, Criminals In Elections. Now They Want to Tear up The Consitution

Politicians are under the mistaken impression that we’re not watching. That the Indian public is blind to their blatantly shameful attempts to keep criminals in politics. They’re wrong.

Equals or Victims – What Type of Feminist are You?

There are two types of feminists – and they often fall on opposite sides of the fence regarding many critical issues. So which type are you?

“That is a WESTERN Concept!” :D

Freedom, Dignity, Privacy…all that is a WESTERN concept man!

I Wish I Could Vote for the BJP But…

I want to punish the Congress for its poor governance. But I can’t bring myself to vote for the BJP.

Culture Cops – Don’t Be Ashamed. Don’t Cover your Face. Don’t Apologize.

I’ve been depressed lately seeing India go to a new low when it comes to stifling freedom of expression. The government has completely abdicated its responsibility to protect the basic fundamental rights of citizens. Now any fringe group can raise a ruckus, threaten to create a “law and order” issue and get any kind of […]

No Death Penalty for Rapists – First Enact Police Reforms

We’re wasting valuable momentum by demanding things like the death penalty for rapists. When FIRs are not even registered, what’s the use?

Bal Thackeray – When You’re a Thug, Who Cares about Right and Wrong?

If your ideas are any good, you won’t need to use force. If you have to coerce people to follow what you say, then your ideas are crap.

Let’s Stop Pretending That all Countries Deserve Equal Control over the Internet

The UN wants control over the Internet so China, India and the Arab countries will have a say in how it’s run. We can’t allow this.