A "Green Party" in India? It's about time!

I really feel it’s time India had another viable party apart from the Congress. The BJP is not really an option as long as it continues with it’s hindutva agenda, disrupts parliament, and keeps inducting people into the party based on seniority instead of merit. For a democracy to work properly, people must have real choice.

Now, there’s some refreshing news coming from Kolkata. The possible introduction of an Indian Green Party gives us hope. Some of us have heard about the recent coup d’etat by the environmentalists in Kolkata who managed to remove all old and polluting vehicles in the city. Of course, they had to fight to achieve this. Auto drivers went on a long strike rendering the city paralyzed, but to no avail.

Perhaps the most important factor was the massive support from the public. Despite facing a tremendous inconvenience due to the strike, they remained steadfast. This showcases an important fact – something that cynics don’t believe to be true – that the people of India are willing to do what is right even though they may have to suffer for it. One commuter said, “I would rather stand in long queues for a bus or a green auto than patronize these polluting vehicles again.” This sort of statement is inspiring and showcases our willingness to look past ourselves.

Indian Green Party of Subhas Datta

Indian Green Party of Subhas Datta

Now the man behind this campaign Subhas Dutta is starting a national party based on its environment policies. I’m personally very excited about this. A party that is progressive, based on ideals, and headed by a man passionate about his job rather than keeping power will be a breath of fresh air in Indian politics. He’s certainly serious. The European Green Party (EGP) has invited him to Brussels to give him tips from their experience about what his party’s principles should be. By throwing their support behind him, Dutta’s dream to set up an Indian Green Party has just come a bit closer.

The party’s first step is to fight in the West Bengal Polls in 2011. When it comes to the rest of the country, it’ll have my vote with pleasure.

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  1. Anupam Paul says

    I would like to congratulate Mr S Dutta for initiating Indian Green Party.A lot of people having environment consciousness would join this party.We still argue for owing a fossil fuel operated vehicle,not for battery/solar powered car.We even cry for NANO,but never cry for poor roads,hospitals,schools and poisonous food.Industrial Agriculture is responsible for global warming of 30%.It is for producing chemical fertlizers,pesticides and transporting the food to non producing zones that is urban areas.West Bengal govt is reluctant to implement the recommendations of the State Agriculture Commission headed by Prof R N Basu,ex V C of Calcutta University.The report has been lying with the office of the Agriculture Minister Mr Naren Dey since March 2009. The report has stressed on eco friendly and pro farmer agriculture.But the Govt is promoting corporate agriculture .They are supporting a fertilizer plant in Panagarh.It has been proved that without chemical fertilizer farmers can get good yield sans pollution.There are some states like Uttarakhand and Sikkim have been declared Organic state.Cube is not all using these chemicals -organic country.It is the question of attitude towards our people and our mother earth.
    Anupam Paul
    19/2 Desbandhu Pally


  2. Hari Bishnu Oli says

    dear bro subhas,
    i am a nepalipoliticain,journalist and professor. i want to establish green communist party in Nepal. so i want ur help. because u r doing best in india.