Indian National ID Voluntary – No card at all!

Here’s some great news. Apparently, the Government will not be issuing any National ID card at all, but rather a stand alone number. Even better, it will not be compulsory. So that rules out stopping people on the road and asking them for their card randomly.

Image Credit: Elliot Moore

Indian National ID NOT compulsory!

Indian National ID NOT compulsory!

This removes the teeth from the whole idea and is a much better system. Something like the SSN in the US. Apparently the ID number is so that other departments can make use of it in any manner they wish. This means that (hopefully), the databases of the various ministries will not be linked together and that the Indian Government won’t be able to keep track of all the details of our lives.

I wonder why this clarification was made. Probably because someone realized that it’s too difficult to implement otherwise! Or maybe there was resistance from the various ministries who saw their own ID systems under threat. Either way, it’s a fantastic development, and one over which we should all heave a collective sigh.

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