Privacy wins and the WADA code is suspended!

Great news for all privacy lovers! WADA’s whereabouts clause has been suspended. For those who’re new, the code said that Indian cricketers had to disclose their physical locations months in advance so that they could get randomly tested for dope whenever the agency chose. This was rightly seen as an invasion of privacy by the Indian players and the Indian cricket board – the BCCI – backed them up.

Our guys faced a lot of flack both internally and externally for refusing to disclose their whereabouts. Most said that they had no right to expect privacy when the sport was at stake. To their credit, they stood their ground. They said that the Constitution granted them the right to privacy and that they would demand it. Seeing India’s stand, players from other countries who had earlier meekly accepted this invasive clause began to back up India’s position – players from Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England, Bangladesh and South Africa.

WADA clause agrees to respect the Indian Constitution

WADA clause agrees to respect the Indian Constitution

And finally, the CEO of ICC today admitted that India’s Constitution did not allow the invasion of privacy and has decided to suspend the clause. Fantastic! Shows you what can be achieved when people stand up for their rights. No matter what anyone says, the Constitution is the Constitution and its word is final. People these days tend to treat it more as a piece of paper – saying that it’s not relevant, that it’s a “living document” (Short hand for “it can be ignored”), and that it must be taken with a pinch of salt when “other interests” are at stake.

This sort of wavering on the sanctity of our Constitution is shocking. There can never be and never will be any disagreement with the fundamental principles of the Constitution. Its word is law, and I say that those who don’t agree with it, either shut up or leave the country.

In a time when we’re surrounded by bad news, this is a big symbolic victory though it won’t affect any of us directly. It’s a sign that privacy matters, and that we have an inalienable right to it.

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  2. Great news bhagwad.