WADA – Threatening Privacy in the name of "safety"

It’s a disturbing trend these days that governments and regulation bodies think that safety concerns can override an individual’s freedom. Whether it is censoring the Internet, surveillance, or the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) new “whereabout” clause, the underlying idea is the same – individual’s rights come secondary to “public safety”. Or so they say.

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WADA's Rules are an invasion of Privacy

WADA's Rules are an invasion of Privacy

Some of the popular catchphrases are “Save the Children” (or “Think of the Children!”), “Fight against terrorism”, or in the case of WADA, the fight against drugs. The whereabout clause states that sportspersons must give their locations for one hour each day three months in advance so that they can be tested any time. To bolster it’s claim, WADA has said that many other sportspersons in the world have agreed to the clause.

This brings up the old question – if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you too? What do I care what anyone else does? Others may be willing to sign over their privacy, but not I. The BCCI has correctly argued that the right to privacy is an integral part of the Constitution of India. Nothing else should matter.

The Indian public is understandably divided over the issue. But it’s heartening to see the number of people who support the BCCI and the cricketers in this. I always thought that Indians didn’t care about privacy matters – and here they are standing up for their cricketers.

A sentiment to rejoice over certainly. Perhaps it’s not too later after all!

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  1. Why can't we compromise on the privacy of the cricketers when they can compromise on anything be it earning through ads or ramp walk. I think we have provided them undue respect more then we give to other sports personnal.


  2. Hey Bhagwad,

    R U Still on this earth? what transpired abandoning ur readers?


  3. @Sajid
    Sorry Sajid! You're right, I really have been neglecting the blog for a while. I've been reading a series of books that engulfs all my attention – I'll try and remedy that.

    Thanks for the reminder! :)


  4. Back to the same old argument. If you have nothing to hide what are you afraid of ? It is only a surprise check that will detect an offender. No point in telling the sportsperson in advance when he will be checked for dope. He will just avoid taking it before the check ! Why cant we cooperate with efforts to effectively contain illegal activities. Its like saying that traffic rules should not be obeyed since it infringes on our right to drive any way we please, regardless of the consequences it might have on others !!!