Section 377 – Mess in the SC. Hearing for 29th Oct. 2009

It’s impossible to describe the frustration of figuring out what’s going on with Article 377 these days. After the matter was posted for hearing in the Supreme Court on the 29th of Sept. 2009, I tried to find out what happened. Here’s the short answer:

Next hearing on 29th October 2009. Now for the long answer.

There are no less than eight petitions against the Delhi HC’s Landmark judgment on Article 377. The people who’re complaining range from Astrologers, Hindutva leaders, Churches, Guardians of “public morality” and even the Commission for the protection of children. Some case numbers are changed, tagged with others, and for quite a few cases, I have absolutely no clue when the next hearing is. Still, after digging around and cross consolidating, here is the status as of today.

The following people are fighting the reading down of Section 377:

B.P Singhal (BJP Hindutva guy)
Old Case No. PC 12779/2009
New Case No. DC 22267/2009
No further info

Bhim Singh (The guy from the Panthers Party)
Old Case No. PC 10942/2009
New Case No. DC 25346/2009
Tagged with SK Tijarawala’s Case. DC 20913/2009
Next Hearing on 29th October 2009

Suresh Kumar Kaushal (Astrologer Fellow)
Case No. DC 15436/2009
No Further info

S. K Tijarawala (Secretary to Ramdev)
Old Case No. PC 9928/2009
New Case No. DC 20913/2009
Tagged with Suresh Kumar Kaushal DC 15436/2009
Next Hearing on 29th October 2009

Apostolic Churches
Old Case No. PC 10062/2009
New Case No. DC 20914/2009
Tagged with S. K Tijarawala DC 20913/2009
Next Hearing on 29th October 2009

Krishna Bhat (Litigious Bangalorean)
Case No. PC 11651/2009
No Further Info

Pratinidhi Sabha (Some Hindutva Organization)
Case No. PC 14042/2009
No Further Info

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights
Old Case No. PC 14045/2009
New Case No. DC 24334/2009
Tagged with Suresh Kumar Kaushal’s case DC 15436/2009

So it seems there are two major factions. One is the Tijarawala faction that has two other petitions tied to it. The other is the Suresh Kaushal faction that has the child rights petition tagged to it. The Tijarawala petition will be heard on the 29th of October – a long time away.

Let’s just hope that no one else jumps into the fray or I’ll go crazy.

Update (25th October 2009): Tijarwala’s case has been combined with Suresh Kumar Kaushal’s DC 15436/2009

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  1. Bhagwad, I am occupied with my release so missed all your previous articles, will go through them as soon as I am done with my deliverables and team management stuff.

    There are too many parties involved into this case now. I believe the case can be seen from various angles now and will have a landmark decision.


  2. @Sajid
    Dear Sajid,

    Which release are you referring to? Are you getting a new job?


  3. No Bhagwad, not a new job, I was refering to the documentation release. My team is working on the documentation for a telecom major. Busy amidst Training Guides and Operation Support documents release.
    You seem very exited to quote "Job Change", why so?