Check PageRank with Ubiquity Extension: page-rank

Update (July 16th 2009): I’ve updated the command for the new Ubiquity 0.5 Parser (Version 2)

As a writer, I frequently need to check the Google PageRank (PR) of pages. My old solution was to have a plug in that gave me the PR of the site I was on. This required me to actually go to the site in question and wait for my tool to update itself with the PR.

Ubiquity PageRank

Ubiquity PageRank

When I heard of Firefox’s Ubiquity, I immediately wanted to extend it’s functionality – allowing me to easily check the PageRank of any site without leaving my current page. So after scouring around and not finding anything, I decided to build my own Ubiquity extension for it.

My JavaScript was terribly rusty and I had to learn it all over again. It’s so damn difficult to debug! I used the service of a site called along with jQuery.get. So by now, the toolbar on top should have popped up asking you to subscribe to it. Here’s how it works:

PageRank of the current page

Just call up Ubiquity and start typing the command name: page-rank. If your current page is a valid URL, you should get the PR in a few seconds.

PageRank of any other page

Just enter the page-rank command and type in the URL whose PR you wish you find. You can also select a URL on the web page and the command will take your selection and find it’s PR.

URL Auto Correct

The service mentioned above needs “http://” in the URL to work – so if you don’t have it, the tool will append “http://” automatically to the start of what you enter.

If it gives you an “Invalid URL” error, check your URL. If the URL is correct, then delete one character and retype it. This refreshes the preview and should give you the correct PR in a few seconds.

Took me five hours to code this simple extension. I hope you enjoy it!

Update (April 5th 2009): I’m gratified to note that the command has garnered some good reviews! If you have any improvements or errors you notice, please leave your comments below.

Update (April 5th 2009): I’ve changed the jQuery.ajax function and replaced it with CmdUtils.previewAjax. This removes the “Invalid URL” error in the middle of typing and waits for the user to finish before display the results.

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  1. Hi,

    I find your Ubiquity command very usefull! Good work!