Five "Western", "Liberal" and "Sophisticated" things I do

Over the past few days, I’ve had the chance to hear a whole new range of adjectives to describe those like me, who believe in tolerance, respect for others and non generalization. Adjectives like “Sophisticated Intellectual”, “Cocktail sipping Intellectual”, “Westernized”, “Armchair Intellectual” – and my favorite – “Urban Elite.”

So I’m going to wallow in this newfound identity and list five things I do that make me fit it. Since my admirers haven’t spelled out exactly what these adjectives mean, this list is a bit subjective. But most lists are subjective including IHM’s “Sins against gender stereotypes!”. So here we go.

  1. I speak English far better than any other language. Hindi comes second.
  2. I play the piano and have two in my house
  3. I don’t travel to work and sit in my chair as a cool freelancer :)
  4. I’m an Atheist
  5. I don’t have a local identity. I’m “Indian”. Not Punjabi, Keralite etc…

Oh and yeah, I sit and think – a lot. In my armchair no less. But I don’t drink cocktails (I resent that!) I’m also very proud of my country. But let’s ignore that for the moment. I’m supposed to be “Westernized” after all :)

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  1. "Sraboney I would have come with my gang and taught you about your culture but – I can't bear to receive another pink chaddi. – Muthalik"


  2. 1. My parents made the mistake of educating me which taught me how to think

    2. I too speak English better than any other language. Bengali comes second. Hindi – well the less said the better

    3. I too learnt how to play the piano and took the Trinity College exam. I learnt the guitar and Rabindra Sangeet as well

    4. I prefer wearing Western clothes to Indian as they are more practical and comfortable

    5. I am an Indian but also a Bengali and am proud of both identities

    6. I like alcohol and used to to visit bars, pubs and discos at one point


  3. Haha. I can relate to this article.


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