Tomato Tamina Seedlings – Day 12

Due to the good wishes of the godparents of the Tomato Tamina seedlings, they’re growing ever so much faster than the first batch of Fathima and Co! Here they are:

Gabbar Singh, Basanti, Chandramouli and  Sajid

Gabbar Singh, Basanti, Chandramouli and Sajid

Basanti’s the biggest of them all (though not by a long margin). Here she is:



Take a look at how different the new leaves of the tamina seedlings are compared to the first four. They’re called a “Potato leaf” variety – not sure what that means, but they’re very different indeed. They’re not ridged and they’re (so far) not multi leaved either. Just single large ones. It’s quite exciting! I think I’ll wait for another week before I transplant them into buckets.

Now for some sad news. Anupa will most probably need to go back to the US on work – Flordia specifically – and I’ll be going with her. I haven’t had the best of experiences there, but such is irony. It’ll break my heart to leave behind all these guys. My compost bin too :( . I’ve left detailed instructions with the gardener for taking care of the plants and I’ll try and stay long enough for transplantation. But I’ll never see their fruits and they’ll grow up without me :( . If they’re cared for well enough, the tamina ones should last for years and hopefully I’ll see them later on. But I won’t know every leaf on their stalks and won’t know the keen pleasure of going out every day to check up on them.

At least Florida is warm and perhaps I can grow things there. I’d like that cause I’ve found what I really enjoy doing. So few things in life that really make me satisfied. Astronomy is one of them – but light pollution in the skies of the metros makes star gazing a pain. And now gardening, making things grow. I don’t want to give it up and I’ll try my best not to. But the days of taking the heat for granted are gone…

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  1. the names made me smile : )


  2. Bhagwad I was expecting you will atleast send us the vegetable you grow as part of the royalty for lending our trademark name…

    Anyways, all the best to…………………US.


  3. The tomato leaves I remember from my childhood were like the other ones not these… I am sure they will all grow fine now.

    I hope you will continue blogging from Florida? Astronomy sounds fascinating!!