Two reasons why Muthalik’s pub attack deserved so much outrage

In my attempts to engage those who hold differing opinions, I understood one very important issue. A large number of people feel that violence by Hindu organizations gets much more attention from the media and societies than violence by Islamic elements.

The latest incident of Islamic fanatics chopping off the hand of a person has catalyzed this debate. Lots of people feel that not enough people are getting upset over it as opposed to the outrage following Pramod Muthalik’s infamous pub attack. Here was one comment on the net:

“How did we come to this pass where this class places higher priority over distributing panties to a third-rate, & small-time wannabe politician over being watchful about the more real dangers that it faces?”

So is this allegation true? Did we indeed make a greater outcry over Muthalik’s pub raiding incident than we are doing over the hand chopping incident in Kerala?

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Muthalik in Pink Chaddis

Muthalik in Pink Chaddis - Courtesy Manishwa

The answer is “yes.” We did. But it’s not because we’re trying to “pacify Muslims”, “demonize Hindu culture”, or are being manipulated by the media or politicians. There are two reasons why there was greater outrage over Muthalik.

The first is that Muthalik blatantly and openly went after all women who “offended Hindu culture.” In other words, he was moralizing to the whole country – sending out a message that no one was safe who dared go against his personal little outlook – and he was entitled to his actions. The hand choppers attacked a specific person. In reality, this too is a way of threatening everyone, but they weren’t so damn blatant about it. They didn’t stand in front of media people and proclaim their bigotry to the whole world. Muthalik on the other hand gave press statements claiming to be the moral voice of the country. By doing that he obviously pissed people off a lot more than crazy fanatics who hurried through a gruesome act.

Also, Muthalik’s violence was against women specifically. It was a double outrage. Not just against pubbing, drinking and dressing, but against women specifically. I mean what the hell?

In other words, the hand choppers inspired fear. Muthalik inspired outrage. Imagine for a moment that after chopping off this poor Professor’s hand, the culprits had waited for media people and with a smug look boldly told the whole country that they would come for every Christian, Hindu, or Atheist who dared insult Mohammed. Does anyone think we would have kept quiet? The outrage would have been 10 times worse than what we released on Muthalik.

The second reason is that Muthalik and his type are politicians. Violence is bad enough without having the sanction of those who are trying to be in power. Because of this, Muthalik was a much more dangerous threat. If he ever gets a chance to wield actual power, he has the ability to impose his idiocy on all of us! Naturally he’s a much bigger threat. And this is a justified fear since he was even caught on tape offering to start riots for a price.

The difference between Muthalik and the hand choppers is like the difference between the Mafia and regular thieves. The Mafia is organized, runs businesses, and is more systemic and entrenched. Regular thieves are dangerous, but can’t do much worse than steal. We naturally hate the Mafia more than normal thieves!

I hope this clears up some of the misunderstanding for those who feel that we only focus on Hindu violence and Muslim violence. We’re not ignoring any violence, but we focus on that which has the capacity to do much more damage.

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    Now go and fight with the judiciary.. and tell them to retract their laws which interferes in the individual rights.. then you can come to khaps or muthaliks..


    • In reply to senthil

      Senthil, trust me – if cousin-couples start dying because they're not allowed to live with each other the courts and government will legalize cousin marriage pretty fast.

      Moreover this is only under the Hindu marriage act. Many other acts allow cousins to marry each other.

      And finally, the court didn't say they couldn't stay together, have sex and even have children if they want. So they have complete freedom to do as they please without anyone interfering.

      And how can you compare cousin marriage to khaps? The khaps KILL people! When people are being murdered in cold blood, nothing else matters. No one cares for the motivations. If the end result is murder, that's the end of the story. No wonder the supreme court ordered the death sentence for those who indulge in honor killings!


  2. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    so cool Muslims have found another “Best Friend”
    What about the 26/11 attacks, Theo Von Gaugh or thousands other terrorist attacks
    Will you ignore that?
    Why don’t you write about something about Mo your buddy
    I bet your pseudo-intelectual head will be on the table next day.

    And about the last comment on cousin marriage…someday you pseudo-secular pseudo-intellectual liberal will ask for real brother-sister marriage.
    Why not ffreedom is most imporant, ethics go to hell..
    Isn’t it Bhagwad


  3. If its not wrong then name one society where it is allowed?
    In US even first cousin marriage is not allowed.
    Bhagwad you have no sense of ethics, how can you say one can marry his own sister, I think only you can do that.


  4. because it something called “incest”
    have u heard the word ; if not go & check wikipedia :P


  5. Don’t show that u r intellectual, doesn’t suit u….u pseudo-intellectual
    If you don’t know anything then better u stop writing on this blog
    close relation marriage cause 2 problems:
    1. idiocy
    2. disease- hereditary


    one such disese found in Ashkenazi Jews is tay-Sachs

    You look like one of those sorry cases

    This is the reason why Muslims are so stupid and ignorant..

    Try and think beyond what you were brought up with.

    I do , that’s why I am not a sickular like you ….
    good bye……eat something which improves brainpower


    • In reply to The Mindset

      The purpose of marriage is not to have babies. So tell me again – why is brother/sister marriage unethical?

      And please refrain from personal insults on my blog. Otherwise I will ban you, and blacklist your IP address so that all other blogs will block you as well. You’re welcome to post as long as your posts remain polite.


  6. the champion of freedom of expression wants to ban, blacklist people for being insulting?


    • In reply to haha

      You can’t claim freedom to abuse on someone else’s blog. Go create your own personal blog and fill it with the worst abuse you can think of – no one will stop you.

      Indulge in abuse on my blog, and I have the right to blacklist you. End of story.


  7. Ok so your blog is not a place for freedom of expression? I thought you said freedom to abuse in my country is not wrong in many places. You are contradicting yourself with this hypocritical view.


    • In reply to Haha

      Just like a guest in your house is expected to follow certain rules and not piss on the floor, visitors on my blog are expected to behave themselves.

      You have the freedom to abuse on your own blog just like you have the freedom to pee on the floor of your own house. What has this got to do with countries?


  8. You are a hypocrite


    • In reply to Haha

      Good for you. Name calling is so much easier than logic after all.


    • In reply to Haha

      Haha, dont you know that in this comment’s section you would need to always start a comment with Strongly Agree or I am your fan? See now you brought upon us another 100+ words of ‘I am right, you are wrong’, why Haha, why??


  9. “Otherwise I will ban you, and blacklist your IP address so that all other blogs will block you as well.”

    So why you want to ban the guy from other blogs as well? That sounds like censorship.


    • In reply to Haha fan 2

      The system is a community of bloggers who wish to not have to deal with trolls. We trust each other’s judgment.

      And no – it’s censorship only if you’re prevented from starting your own Facebook/Google+ page or your own blog and saying anything you want.


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