Khap Defenders – Showcasing denial

I just had to reproduce this gem. Nothing here is touched up. Everything is presented in context.

After a harrowing debate on honor killings with twists and turns, my respectable opponent “Comrade Kung Pao” finally demanded evidence for khap ordered deaths. At this point one assumes he’s given up.

But no! He fights on heroically.

Comrade: Please provide evidence where a Khap panchayat has ordered killing of the couple who marry within the same gotra?

Me: Why don’t you just google this?

Anyway, here’s one link for you.

And here’s a video as a bonus!

Comrade: From the link you gave,

“Police are deployed in Bajehda village here after a khap panchayat allegedly ordered to kill a couple”

Key word: allegedly.

If you don’t understand this, please look up the meaning of this word “allegedly” in a dictionary. LOL

Same is with the video, no proof, nothing.

Me: I see. So you conveniently hide under that one word eh? You don’t read newspapers and are not familiar with their style of reporting. Every newspaper uses that word when talking.

What would convince you? A video of parents and khaps threatening to kill couples?

But wait! that’s also there!!

And if you don’t want to read the article and watch the video, here is one line:

“We will not compromise on traditions. We will either kill or get killed,” says Om Prakash Malik.

It’s on video. I suggest you watch it. Or google for more examples. And for god’s sake stop trying to deny it’s happening.

Comrade: ROFLOL, with “so many” incidents happenings, it would have been easy for you to produce one single evidence, no? But what do I get, a pathetic assertion which tells me to believe because you say so. Hahaha. I am asking for one teensy weensy evidence of a Khap panchayat ordering killing of the couple who marry within the same gotra? Newspaper headlines and views of individuals(like Om Prakash Malik) who we are not even certain are members of a Khap do not count as evidence. This is one of the most pathetic yet laughable replies I’ve ever encountered.

Again, one evidence, please? I give you time till tomorrow else you become a laughing stock.

Ram Ram from Haryana.

Me: I’m going to preserve this conversation and blog about it to showcase people like you! Because otherwise some may not believe that people like you exist.

Prepare to become famous

One really must hand it to such individuals. Videos, news reports etc etc are all just lies and forgeries. The true situation in khapland is one of peace and tolerance where erring couples are lovingly enfolded in the bosom of their parents.


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  1. I think he's a troll…

    If he really thinks like this, I hope Comrade Mao's spirit protects him…


  2. Comrade Kung Pao says

    Phew, for the nth time. Provide me the evidence not a strawman (videos and newsreports) hoohaa. Can one use those videos and newsreports in the court of law as evidence?


  3. Comrade Kung Pao says

    Comrade B, here is the part of conversation you 'missed'.
    B, i’m afraid but your excitement has outrun your meagre intellect. Preserve this conversation in formaline, for all i care, to show your stupidity to the world.

    Blogger B writes an article – OK.
    Commenter: Where’s your evidence?
    Blogger B: Here and here?
    Commenter: But these are headlines and content uses the word “allegedly”.
    Blogger B: Forget the word “allegedly,” just believe me.
    Commenter(shows the middle finger): Screw You! WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? Give me evidence, give me facts.
    Blogger B: Google it.

    LMAO, Accusing people of crimes without a shred of evidence. ROFLOL.


  4. Bhagwad I agree with Sraboney, this one sounds like a troll.

    And like I said on facebook, this gives hope that the idea of murdering does not appeal to Comrade K P.


  5. Comrade Kung Pao says

    Sraboney and Indian Home Maker , why don't you try and give me some evidence and facts or else sit in a corner, suck thumbs, read but STFU. If you can add to the conversation, most welcome else eff off.

    Me: Any more overly abusive language and you're banned


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