My first Radio Interview! – on the UID number

This morning I got a call from Stephanie March on behalf of Radio Australia. She wanted to interview me for a few minutes regarding the UID number that India is planning to roll out. The focus was on the privacy concerns, especially since Australia itself recent fended off an attempt by the government to impose this on their citizens.

The need for the interview was prompted by the national census which is also going to collect biometric details from each of us using 2.5 lakh staff.

Here’s the interview:

And here’s a partial transcript.

I am now an official representative of the Indian people regarding the UID…the voice of the plebs :D

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  1. Impressive interview. You raise some very interesting points. This may not be the "silver bullet" many are saying it will be.


  2. I think ensuring that everybody has a PAN is a better idea…


  3. I am glad that there are a few people like us who are very concerned about the ethical and serious privacy issues concerning the UID Project.When I had hears and read about it for the first time I could easily Guess the dangers associated with it especially the private companies and the banking sector.They could use this data for their strategic profitability.
    Even the best foolproof technology or anything for that matter can be circumvented,we all know that.How can the Government be so dumb enough to to just believe in the technology and feed our personal Information.The Government says the data will be confidential.Well,with this magnitude of information.A few high ranking officialls can easily manipulate the data in an already corrupted country as ours.The authorities want us to believe that they are God and what they are doing is right for us.On the Contrary they are trying to exercise control upon us.This is not a sign of True Democracy where we are forced to comply to it.If this project progresses you can count me on to speak and not cooperate against this seriously messed up Project!


  4. Like every new project, this one too has both merits and demerits. Hope Nandan has the
    security concerns in place….he is a good planner with foresight and may have thought of this aspect.


  5. This does make me wary…

    I agree with Sraboney, PAN cards and Voter ID cards are enough.