The Woman’s Fault for dressing provocatively?

A news story in the TOI about some women getting harassed on a train irritated me, but I can’t say I was shocked. What did shock me and piss me off was one of the comments on the article saying this:

There might be so many other females in that particular train. It is the provocative dressing sense and the profession of these particular girls are making them as soft targets

Their profession was modelling and apparently some feel this gives people a god given right to sexually harass them. I’m not going to harp on about how women have the right to wear whatever they want in a free country etc etc. Instead, I want to focus on the men involved.

The essence of the above comment is this. “Men lose control of their actions when they see pretty women wearing jeans and T-Shirts. Therefore they must not be blamed.”

What …the…F***

As a man, and more importantly as an adult, I hereby declare that I have full control of my body even when a lot of attractive women are around. Therefore, anything I do in that situation is a choice I make. If I choose to behave rudely to them, I fully deserve the consequences of my actions and I can’t plead temporary insanity.

Those who argue that men can’t be blamed for passing lewd comments and behaving in a rowdy manner when women are around would do well to think of dogs. You know how dogs behave when nearby bitches are in heat? They can’t help themselves and go temporarily crazy. That’s how these men behaved. Like dogs. And those claiming that they did nothing wrong are actually saying “Poor animals – what were they to do? How can you blame them for behaving like that?”

If that’s so, then those who behave like animals need to be treated like animals who make a nuisance of themselves. Lock them up or remove their testicles. Humans who don’t behave like humans are no different. Nothing personal here. Poor things after all. They couldn’t help themselves. It’s a cruel world (sob!)

At the very least people should gather around and throw stones at these misbehaving baboons.

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  1. Bhagwad: In a recent post of mine, I spoke about slut-walk and faced so much flak from men who INSISTED that the ‘revealing’ nature of clothes is what makes them targets, rather than the fact that a man watching them has no darn right to touch them! We really need more men like you around, it will make the world a better and safer place to live in.


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