How to easily Italicize and "Bold" your comments on blogs

I hate the complicated way of “Italicizing” and “Bolding” my comments on blogs. I have to manually surround the text with “<em></em>” and “<strong></strong>” tags. It breaks my flow of thought and wastes my time.

Being a very lazy person, I decided to find an easier way. My final solution works on Firefox and Google Chrome (sorry IE – you suck). This is how I implemented it – and it just takes a few clicks!

This is my URL that’s referred to in the video:

Watch this in full screen and in HD if you can – it’s much clearer.

Update: Steps are different for Firefox and Google chrome. In the video, Google chrome is shown first, and then starting at 1:15, the steps are shown for Firefox.

After this, here are the shortcuts which will work in any textarea in Firefox and Google chrome.

Ctrl+B surrounds selected text with <strong></strong>
Ctrl+I surrounds selected text with <em></em>
Ctrl+Shift+M surrounds selected text with <a href=””></a> (cursor will be placed within the quotation marks)
Ctrl+U surrounds selected text with <u></u>
Ctrl+S surrounds selected text with <s></s>
Ctrl+P surrounds selected text with <p></p>
Alt+C counts the words and characters in selection. If nothing selected, it counts all the words in the box
Ctrl+2 surrounds selected text with <h2></h2>
Hope you found this as useful as I do. No more manual typing!

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60 thoughts on “How to easily Italicize and "Bold" your comments on blogs”

  1. Wonderfull explain in details…!!!
    Few days ago I learn = “comment on others blog will create backlinks & that helps to increase website ranking”. like my blog name is WellMakeMoney
    BUT whatever we comment on blog that every words are mostly important but we don’t know how to create boldnessss & here i found a post how to create bold comments !!!

    Thank You.


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