The Seductive Virtual World

You may not know it, but I lead a dual life. During the day I am meek and mild mannered Bhagwad, of unassuming nature and filled with appropriate humility. I have no spectacular qualities, my strength is about what you would expect from one of my physique, my clothes indicate no greatness and my inane observations on my humble blog are about as far I can get when it comes to being known by the outside world.

In this every day world I wield no power, have no impressive influence on humanity and am resigned to my fate which is controlled in large part by the circumstances I was born into, random chance and the largess which the powers that be deem fit to shower on me. My modest role as a writer brings little true value to humanity. Governments, corporations and everything in between are the real masters of my universe. My voice is tiny – and though it occasionally joins with millions of others to produce a crescendo, I have no illusions about its individual impact.

I am – in other words – a nobody.

My Outer Personna
My Outer Personality

But unbeknownst to anyone else, I have a hidden personna. My true self which far removed from the mundane existence of this common world. An existence filled with greatness, glory, meaning, and power! And now for the first time, the breach between the two worlds is shattered as I unveil my real identity in the MMORPG game called Guild Wars.

My Secret Identity
My Secret Identity

In this world, far from being a nobody, I am in fact “Insidious Crippler” – a somebody! Such is my fame that I go by many names – titles I have acquired through various great deeds and marvels. Here are some of them:

  1. Holy Lightbringer
  2. Legendary Spearmarshal
  3. Legendary Guardian
  4. Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer
  5. Slayer of All

In the world of Guild Wars, I am the conqueror of three continents, wear Obsidian armor, wield Destroyer Weapons, have freed the slaves of Sorrow’s Furnace and have aided the God of War Balthazar in purifying the Fissure of Woe.

Here, I have power. I have a true mission in life and go about it with selfless dedication, daily putting my life at risk for those unable to protect themselves. I bring justice and succor to those who need it most and travel the world in search of adventure and comradeship.

Given the difference between my two lives – my two modes of existence, is it any wonder that I’ve played this game for a grand total of 1,092 hours in the past 11 months? That’s almost 46 continuous days in less than a year.

On second thoughts, perhaps I just need to get a life :D . In all honesty though, what can compare?

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17 thoughts on “The Seductive Virtual World”

  1. Ahhhhh that’s why I like MMORPG’s. You can become someone else, a lot of people don’t understand why some of us would spend so much time on these games. It’s because in a way it fills a void. I don’t mean that in a bad way. ;) I like my characters on Perfect World. (highly recommend you play btw ;) I’ve never played Guild Wars but I really want to.

    So what are your stats? Are you really a high level player? :)


  2. Oh I spend hours playing assassin’s creed. Scaling view points, building my own brotherhood and seeig to it that they are all indpendent assassins. Buying and investing in banks, metal workshops and doctors. Setting on fire enemy towers and re building landmarks. It is fun


    • In reply to Reema

      Ooh, good catch! Made the correction. Hadn’t heard of “The Big Bang Theory” until you mentioned it just now. Looked it up and looks interesting. Maybe I’ll watch it when I’m looking around for something new :)


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