The Indian Government can ONLY stop PEACEFUL protests like Hazare’s!

I’m outraged by the government’s reaction to Anna Hazare’s protest. So far, there has been no indication whatsoever that this group of people is going to turn violent. The police’s entire argument rests on that fact – that people will start rioting and breaking things. If that was true, then indeed they must put a stop to it. But only if they have credible reason to believe that. You can’t just use the excuse that a protest might turn violent in order to stop it. Your reasons have to stand up in court. And based on what I’ve seen so far, there are absolutely no such reasons.

Hazare's Peaceful Protest is in no danger of turning Violent
Hazare's Peaceful Protest is in no danger of turning Violent

What enrages me even more, is that the government turns a blind eye to really violent protests which inconvenience the public. A few months ago, a Khap group staged a rally, blocked trains and threatened to stop the flow of water to Delhi and starve it of vegetables. That is the kind of protest which needs to be stopped. But what did the government do? Nothing. They didn’t arrest the leaders for making such threats. They didn’t prevent the protest from happening which went on for several days.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry can go on a violent protest with mobs, waiving sticks, blocking roads, damaging property and disrupting supply lines. The government sits quietly, no one is arrested and no one is jailed. Such groups have political backing. Ordinary citizens don’t do these things. But when people really protest in a quiet and peaceful manner, only then does the government discover laws such as section 144 etc which are exercised in a completely arbitrary manner.

The police it seems has the balls to only stop peaceful protests. They can’t stop thugs with political backing. They show their mettle, their discipline, their concern for “peace” only when the citizens themselves are taking out a peaceful, and non political rally.

This must stop. If Hazare’s protest is held up by the police, I never again want to see another group in this country holding a rally and inconveniencing people without the leaders being put behind bars and every single one of those loud mouth thugs being arrested. If nothing else, this is the outcome I wish for.

While I’m at it I would also like to see the police object to every VIP having the right to block the road and disrupt our lieves as part of their god given right to escape the traffic that the rest of us face every day. I want the police to actually start caring about the people instead of only pretending to do so when their political masters tell them to.

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23 thoughts on “The Indian Government can ONLY stop PEACEFUL protests like Hazare’s!”

  1. Yes. Equally bad was the Delhi police killing that old lady at the Ramdev rally. Shame on the Delhi police being used for political ends by the congress.


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