Hilarious Internet Comments #4 – “I doubt your name is Bhagwad”

I’ve been a pretty heavy target of some enthu right wing types. Lots of abuse, and of course the regular bashing typically seen amongst the valiant Internet warriors. The funniest ones though come from those doubting my identity and name. As if the name “Bhagwad” can only be held by a certified card carrying bjp loving, Modi worshiping, anti-congress, hardcore hindutva type. Yesterday I got this lovely gem on on of my blog posts:

 I may say that you are in person (I know, personal comments are banned on this paid site of yours)…in person you are a foreign particle claiming to be an Indian. If Pakistan is not your concern then I’m sorry people are wasting time on your blog.

I doubt your name is Bhagwad, but people are addressing you here by this name and you are not objecting. It is notable that your domain is a commercial like and attractive one, designed willfully to attract Hindus. You are a pseudo Indian, pseudo Hindu.

I have pity on your schooling and the background in which you are brought up.

Ahh…the sweet smell of outrage and stupidity. Just what I needed to perk up my mood on this fine Friday morning!

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  1. By the way, a question for you:
    Are you a natural born asshole or did it take a lot of effort to cultivate that persona ?
    Because every post of yours is indicative of your shallow personality.


  2. Let me first of all apologize for calling you names. This was uncalled for and perhaps just indicative of the far too many polarized debates that I am influenced by. Feel free to delete my comments.

    One thing for sure, if you want to change hearts and minds, the approach of ridiculing others won’t work, and it goes for both sides.

    Wish you the best.


  3. @BD,

    I assure you I have no intention of taking your comments down.


  4. And from my side, I apologize again.

    Reproaching myself again: Anonymity on the internet, for all it’s advantages, lowers the standard of decorum one expects out of oneself.


  5. Free speech and nonviolence seem to have brought this to a happy end :)


  6. ROFL some people are just innately morons. PAX!


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