On Traveling Abroad and Seeing the World

I’ve always been a bit of the odd one out when it comes to travel. Most people dream of seeing the world and exploring new horizons. Of going to different countries, hiking on high mountaintops and taking in the scenery. But I don’t. Strange as it may seem, I just like to…sit. It’s not that I dislike a good landscape or I don’t sometimes long to breathe clean fresh air. It’s just that it requires too much effort to do those things. And there’s one thing about me that is paramount – my laziness. It’s always been part of me and is a core aspect of my personality. I don’t see it changing anytime soon. There are many websites like www.supertravel.co.uk for example that allow one to plan their ideal vacation and I’m sure it works out great for a lot of people.

Travelling's not for me!

Travelling’s not for me!

But not for me.

I’ve often been an embarrassment to my wife who is my polar opposite in this regard. She loves to do this kind of stuff. It’s the raison d’être of her existence in fact. For her, coming to the US wasn’t about living a better lifestyle, but about seeing new places. She’s gone literally everywhere in the US – a lot of it by herself. I accompanied her to the first few cities – New York, San Antonio, San Francisco etc., but got tired after a while. She on the other hand continued to Alaska, Portland, Yellowstone, and many other that I don’t even remember. A couple of months from now she’s off to Hawaii.

Some of my friends wonder at this tendency of mine to sit at home. To them, I’m the luckiest guy in the world who doesn’t take advantage of the fabulous cards life has dealt me. I have a wife who in fact is even willing to finance my trips with her! But all I can think of when I see her packing and waking up early in the morning to catch her flight is “Thank god I’m not going with her!”

I guess part of my reluctance to travel has to do with the fact that there’s so much to do right here at home. I have my game, my books, my blog, my television serials, and my programming. In fact, I can never catch up with any of them and I resent having to work for even two hours a day to earn my livelihood!

My wife still has a lot of places on her bucket list. Europe, Russia, South America, South East Asia, Japan etc. And she’ll probably be going alone or with someone else who shares her passion for travel. I’ll be lying warmly in my bed :)

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  1. i once was like your wife; but am becoming more like you are now :) so understand how you feel….except that you are 30 and i am 60 years old…


  2. Kathleen says:

    You two probably shouldn’t be married honestly, doesn’t sound like a happy or healthy relationship.


    • Brianna says:

      In reply to Kathleen

      This is the guy who wrote a ludicrous blog post about how he won’t tip waiters. I think any decent person would have divorced him long ago.


  3. Spencer says:

    Holy tits you’re a boner of a person


  4. If that is the case let me ask you this:

    Do you even love your wife?


  5. As for your wife, someone else is definitely tapping that :)


  6. Its wonderful to be in love and allow one’s partner the freedom to live life the way they want. Its working for me and my husband and we are married forty years. True love doesnt make demands…it’s happy when the other is happy and free to go wherever their heart takes them….


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