Book Review: The Rai-Kirah Series by Carol Berg

Book Review of the Rai-Kirah Seriels by Carol Berg

Book Review of the Rai-Kirah Seriels by Carol Berg

The three books that comprise this awesome series are surely some of the longest I’ve ever read. I got the feeling that a regular novel would have been long over when any individual book of this storyline was still at 50%. But don’t get me wrong – they’re absolutely thrilling and I loved it!

The story is very tightly bound with a powerful set of characters. In a way, this is forced because it’s written entirely in the first person – a style I enjoy very much. Lately, I’ve been restricting myself only to 1st person fantasy because it means a smaller cast of characters, with minimal “fluff”.

The two main protagonists are absolutely gripping. Seyonne, who spends 16 years in slavery. And Aleksander – the powerful, charming, and charismatic prince. The descriptions of Aleksander make him one of my favorite characters. I usually read books while having my afternoon coffee, or before sleep. But these made me want to read  all the time. Simply magnificent.

The overarching plot reveals itself piecemeal over the three books, but each is a complete story by itself. Only in the second book do we get a hint that there’s more to be said about the whole thing.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the Rai-Kirah series. You’ll find a gripping story that doesn’t meander, and which makes you keep reading till the very last page.

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