Normally when you don't like the nature of a country, you leave it and settle elsewhere. I would never live in an officially Muslim nation, and I wouldn't waste my time trying to change its basic nature. Similarly, the right in India seems to want a "Hindu nation". Since the character of India is so fundamentally different from what they want, doesn't it make sense for them to demand their own land outside India somewhere?<br></br>
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Normally when you don't like the nature of a country, you leave it and settle elsewhere. I would never live in an officially Muslim nation, and I wouldn't waste my time trying to change its basic nature. Similarly, the right in India seems to want a "Hindu nation". Since the character of India is so fundamentally different from what they want, doesn't it make sense for them to demand their own land outside India somewhere?

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Should the Hindu Right Migrate to a New Country?

The Hindu Right is obviously upset. Recently, Girish Karnad got a death threat for saying something related to Tipu Sultan. Now getting a death threat is nothing special. Everyone gets them, especially over the Internet – big deal. What’s interesting however is that so many people are happy that he got a death threat. Instead of condemning the atmosphere of fear, or at least keeping quiet, many are thrilled that someone is standing up for “Hindu sentiments”. According to them, the “sentiments of of the majority should not be played with”. They (wrongly) view India as a Hindu Nation.

Why would you willingly stay and torture yourself in a land that’s clearly not suited to you?

On the one hand we have facts. The fact is that India is NOT a Hindu Nation. The Constitution forbids it. And India is defined by the Constitution. Whatever existed before 1950 – when the Constitution was adopted – wasn’t India. Call it “Bharat” or “Hind”, or whatever you want. That land is dead. The sad reality (sad for the Hindu right at least), is that our country can never be what they want it to be. The wistful longing for a “Hindu nation” will never find fulfillment within India’s borders.

So the logical question or solution is – doesn’t the Hindu right want to migrate out of India and found a new “Hindu nation” somewhere else? I mean think about it – why would you want to stay in a country that you are so deeply unhappy with? For example, I abhor the idea of a “Muslim nation”, so I would never stay in Saudi Arabia even if I was born there! I know what Saudi Arabia is, and I won’t break my head trying to change it’s very nature.

Instead, I will leave and find a country that better suits my taste. Is it time for the Hindu right to wake up to reality and gracefully leave India to form their own nation somewhere else? No one can force them to of course – I’m just proposing this as a logical idea for their own peace of mind. They are welcome to stay and continue a hopeless battle to change the basics of India, but surely that’s not smart? Why would you willingly stay and torture yourself in a land that’s clearly not suited to you?

Mind you, I haven’t thought this through. Where will they go? What land is available? etc. But in principle, shouldn’t the RSS, VHP etc be fighting for a few states to at least secede from India so that they can implement their “Hindu nation” idea? Something like what Pakistan went through – only this time, it’s a Hindu version of Pakistan. The rest of India can remain secular as it is.

Obviously this isn’t as simple as it seems. We can’t forget the violence of Pakistan’s partition, the bloodshed, and the continuing hatred. No one wants all of that – certainly not me. But I wonder why the hardcore Hindutva types themselves don’t want it. If you belonged to xyz religion and dreamed of a country where xyz is dominant and if you wanted xyz based laws, wouldn’t you prefer to get your own country?

So what’s stopping the Hindu right from demanding a separation from India so they can achieve their goals?

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  1. “I would never stay in Saudi Arabia even if I was born there” You wouldn’t have much of a say in it if you were poor, and absolutely none if you were a woman.

    Besides, why are you even bringing up such a terrible idea of another partition?! I am surprised reading this here! And shouldn’t we care what happens to the citizens who come in the future and are born to these madmen and madwomen, who would not even have the secular laws to protect them? All those wives / children dragged along unwillingly to a separate Hindu State, without even understanding the implications of this move? Are they not humans?

    Long-term goals must include education and rehabilitation, short-term goals must include instant crackdown on these people. Let their children be liberated, and the cycle would automatically cease.


    • In reply to Fem

      I wasn’t serious about the idea! I mentioned that in the post. My real question is why the right itself doesn’t want another country. Muslims in India wanted to move out…I’m honestly surprised that the Hindu right does not.

      I’m not saying it’s a good idea – as you pointed out, it’s a terrible one. I’m merely wondering why this terrible idea hasn’t occurred to the RSS/VHP.


      • In reply to bhagwad

        The Hindu right doesn’t want to move out because they believe that India is a Hindu country. They feel they are the ones that rightfully belong there and that all the others should move out. I’m pretty sure plenty of them would be interested in repealing the entire secular Indian Constitution and replace it with the Manusmriti or something like that.


      • In reply to Sun

        Ah, so that’s it. They don’t believe in the Constitution itself?


      • In reply to bhagwad

        And what’s wrong in that?


      • George Washington says

        In reply to bhagwad

        There can always be an argument for every nonsense too to justify it. It doesn’t make it right. Goebbels did it and they r paying it now even after 70 odd years.


  2. Arnaba Saha says

    I am shocked to read such a thing. How could you even suggest another partition?

    You call them ‘Hindu Rights’. They never claimed any separate state for them and that itself is evidence enough to prove that they don’t want any separate state. They believe India to be their motherland. And here you are suggesting that if they want to voice their feelings, opinions or even demands; they should leave their motherland.

    I am hurt to read this blog.. If you want to call me a Hind Right that’s your preference.


    • In reply to Arnaba Saha

      I am by no means saying that people leave should for voicing opinions. Everyone has freedom of expression. I made the suggestion because these people will never be happy in India. They want something that they will never get. It is only for their own happiness.


  3. Did you ever get a chance to see the map of India portrayed by VHP / RSS / etc in their manuals/websites? It always shows India + pak + bangladesh + Sri Lanka + Myanmar + Bhutan + Nepal (Some times even: + Afghan + Tibet!) as one.
    These people are not looking for partition. But rather they are looking to integrate all & spread Hindutva as far as possible. And they are confident that their brand of Hindutva is capable of doing that.

    Note: This is not an advertisement, just an info.


    • In reply to Abhishek Oza

      Interesting. You’re correct about the RSS map – I found this on their website: . Whatever I could find on the VHP website is the regular map of India (with all of Jammu and Kashmir).

      Apparently, they like to call it “Akhand Bharat”. So strange. A complete break from reality. I mean I can understand discussions, arguments and disputes over opinions. But facts? Imagine having an argument over the height of the Taj Mahal. Or arguing about who is the current PM of India!

      I’m tempted to call it “insanity” – but is that too derogatory or simplistic? So many people are probably not clinically insane, so it must be some other malady – some flaw that I can’t quite point out.


      • In reply to bhagwad

        Where is the break from reality, Bhagwad? The RSS-VHP have a certain view of what they consider “Akhand Bharat”. Did they say anywhere that these are the current boundaries of the Republic of India? They have a certain view of what Bharat used to be and they are showing a map of it. Where is the break from reality?

        These maps serve a serious purpose: for one it is a constant reminder of the shame of partition that our motherland bears. It reminds us of how Hindus are being smoked out of their ancient motherland. If we do not have a map to remind us that once upon a time Hindus could actually live in Lahore, how will we remember to watch out for similar efforts to oust Hindus from Kashmir, Assam, West Bengal and Kerala?

        Where is the break from reality, Bhagwad? Is remembering history a break from reality? Wikipedia even has an article on “Greater India” that shows the historic cultural sphere of influence of India. You will see in it basically the same map that RSS draws as “Akhand Bharat”. How is acknowledging this ancient truth a break from reality?

        Basically, what you are doing here Bhagwad is classic projection. Modern liberalism today has become so morally certain that opposing views seem like diseases to avoid like the plague. That is why you have young liberals at Yale rushing to demand “safe spaces”: rooms filled with cookies, soft music, pictures of puppies and professional counsellors to help young liberals deal with the trauma of coming across an opposing view on campus. And you are projecting it on to the Hindu right. Because liberals today are fleeing into “safe spaces”, you think the Hindu right is made of the same straw and would prefer to move into a separate country where they would be safe from hearing an opposing view. Sorry, we are made of sterner stuff: we don’t need a safe space…we don’t need to hide in a room full of cookies because we overheard someone disagree with us. Save that for liberals.


      • In reply to Sumit

        I don’t understand these words “Shame of partition”, “motherland” etc. Where is the shame? And what is this sentimentality?

        Political boundaries are always shifting. If the RSS keeps an older map just for history’s sake, then fine. But let them acknowledge that it’s ancient and outdated. It has nothing to do with today.

        P.S. I’m not a liberal (neither are the students at Yale). Already discussed before, so let’s not bring it up again. Same old tired arguments are getting stale.


      • In reply to bhagwad

        It’s like saying that anyone who has a picture of his dead mom or dad on his office desk is breaking with reality. Forget that: I go on vacation to Hawaii and put a picture of that on my desk. Bhagwad walks in and mocks: “do you realize you are not on vacation any more? This picture on your desk proves that you are out of touch with reality!”

        Huh? Do you hear yourself?

        Did RSS say anywhere that Akhand Bharat map shows the current boundaries of the Republic of India? The RSS sees the map as a warning from history about ethnic cleansing of Hindus. And it hopes that one day Hindu culture will spread there again. Many partition refugees keep old pictures of their former homes and towns in Pakistan. The history is there and its very real. A lot of people and organizations treasure their history, think about the lessons of history and take steps to change the course of history. What exactly seems weird to you here?


      • In reply to Sumit

        You can feel sentimental about your dead mom or dad. They are actual people whom you knew. You have experience and a personal connection with them. Same with a vacation. To cry over land borders you had nothing to do with, and never visited is completely stupid.

        So if partition refugees keep pictures of former homes, it makes perfect sense. At least there’s a personal connection. But country borders? So idiotic.


      • In reply to bhagwad

        Surely you are not so much in love with yourself that you feel anyone who doesn’t share your personal definition of what’s important in life is out of touch with reality. I love Coke and hate Pepsi but I have never felt that people who like Pepsi are “breaking with reality”. Why feel sentimental about a dead parent? They are dead, no? They are never coming back and people die all the time….so idiotic. What about soldiers….actually signing up ready to die protecting country borders….so idiotic, no? Let’s go spit in their faces too…

        And who reads history books anyway? It’s already happened…so whatever happened cannot be changed. So idiotic. Breaking with reality.

        If you dont understand the sentiment behind country borders, that’s your right. But don’t say that sentiments on country borders disagree with facts. If you do, point out which objective fact they disagree with.

        You said that the map of Akhand Bharat by RSS shows a disagreement over facts, not opinions. Can you pinpoint exactly which fact this map disagrees with? Has RSS ever said Akhand Bharat shows the current borders of the Republic of India? You have been repeatedly evading this question.


      • In reply to Sumit

        I admire your argument.


  4. Bhagwad, you have clearly not followed the facts on this one:

    1) First of all, I don’t think Islamic culture is big into celebrating “jayantis”. The concept of “Tipu Sultan jayanti” was suddenly created by the Karnataka Govt to spit in the Hindu eye.

    2) Ok…so the government decided to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s birthday. But they didn’t celebrate Tipu’s birthday on…well Tipu’s birthday, which is Nov 20. Instead the Government decided to pick Nov 10 as the date for celebrating Tipu Jayanti, which is the date on which Tipu Sultan brutally executed 750 Hindus to show his authority.

    3) Additionally, Tipu Jayanti was picked not only to coincide with the day of Tipu’s brutality on Hindus, but also to coincide with Diwali. Remember the outrage when the Govt of India celebrated Christmas as “Good Governance Day” last year. Please note however that Vajpayee was really born on Dec 25, while Tipu’s “birthday” was changed to coincide with Diwali and the day he massacred Hindus.

    4) Following this decision, protests were held and a VHP leader killed. Chief Minister of Karnataka called it an “accident”. Please note that when Union Minister Mahesh Sharma used the same word about Dadri, it was found to be repulsive.

    5) From the official stage of Karnataka Govt celebrating Tipu Jayanti, Girish Karnad again spit into the Hindu eye, saying that it would have been better to name Bengaluru Airport after Tipu Sultan than after Kempe Gowda.

    6) When caught on the wrong foot, Girish Karnad offered the “defense” that Tipu Sultan’s atrocities were mostly conducted outside Karnataka and therefore do not count.

    7) Finally, let us note that BJP MP Pratap Simha from Karnataka also received a death threat for speaking against Tipu Jayanti, which was scarcely reported in the news.

    So let’s recap. Out of nowhere, the government specifically chooses to celebrate a fake birthday of an Islamic king on the very day he massacred Hindus and on Diwali. A protester is brutally killed but his death is labelled an accident by the government. And finally, to add insult to injury, while celebrating the fake birthday of the Islamic king on the day he massacred Hindus, the Hindu king who built Bengaluru is insulted at the State government official celebration. And then all the unpleasantness that resulted is the fault of the Hindu right? Wow!!!

    I guess if the New York mayor decides to celebrate a fake birthday of Osama bin Laden on 9/11 and says at the official function that JFK Airport be renamed after bin Laden, you will be mocking the people protesting it. Yes indeed…the protesters should demand to secede from America …they should go.


    • In reply to Sumit

      This has nothing to do with the specifics of Tipu Sultan. They could be celebrating Hitler for all I care.

      This has nothing to do with the specifics of whether or not Girish Karnad was right.

      It has nothing to do with who got and who didn’t get a death threat.

      But this post is only about how lots of commenters were supporting the death threats against Girish Karnad saying “He insulted Hindus”.

      Don’t get side tracked from the main blog post.


      • In reply to bhagwad

        How can you understand Girish Karnad’s remarks and people’s reaction to those remarks if you refuse to find out what context those remarks were made in? This is elementary, no? Are you seriously going to analyze the mindset of those who complained about hurt sentiments without finding out what those sentiments were?

        (please don’t forget that recently you were looking to contextualize an actual murder…that of Prashant Poojary:)


      • In reply to Sumit

        I’m not interested in understanding Girish Karnad’s remarks. Because regardless of his remarks, death threats cannot be praised. Complaining about hurt sentiments is one thing. Saying that death threats are deserved are quite another.

        No one I know ever praised the murder of Prashant Poojary. It’s one thing to ignore, and another thing to praise.

        For this, I do not need context.


      • In reply to bhagwad

        First of all, I wonder who are all these people praising the death threat to Girish Karnad. For sake of argument, let’s suppose there are a lot of them.

        Wow…this is simple. Your blog post itself admitted that empty death threats on the internet are no big deal. Which is why a lot of people didn’t take the death threat seriously. And that’s why they said the threat was “deserved”. It’s empty hyperbole, just like a lot of people say “hang the rapist publicly”. No they are not seriously demanding that the Constitution be repealed, courts and due process abolished and mob justice should prevail nationwide. They are just trying to express their frustration with rape using hyperbole.

        To understand why such hyperbole is happening, you would have to understand the public anger over rape. Just like you would have to understand why people are hurt over Girish Karnad’s remarks. Without context, you can’t analyze this. Get it now?


  5. I get the humour of it and even agree with you – I wish a separate state was possible! India could then be the country it is capable of being, not this jump-on-the-death-threat-wagon-whenever-anyone-says-something-they-don’t-agree-with place. Be careful though – this country can’t deal with tongue-in-cheek or humour (unless that bashes a common ‘enemy’).


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