3 thoughts on “Challenging an “Islamist” to Kill Me :D”

  1. I love how he goes from i to we are going to kill you. Don’t hide behind a group. Show your ass up on my door step with your hard on so I can show you the end of it you’ve never seen.


    • In reply to Jim D

      The Orlando bomber also did the same thing. ISIS had never even heard of him before – just a loser who wanted to find security and belonging in a faceless group. “ISIS agent” my ass!


  2. Sir,

    But please read this article:


    This is from 2005, but I believe hardly anything has changed since.

    I want to say this: Muslims blame us of attacking and harming them, but then they give out comments/provocations like this. Again, not every Muslim is that way, but a lot of them are, and my focus is on that lot.

    All this nonsense started with that moron Ayatollah Khomeini who declared Jihad on the world and the Muslims till date follow him diligently. His declaration of Jihad forced the Gulf Arab Sheikhdoms to become ultra conservative and radical to avoid a scenario like what transpired in Iran in 1979. Muslims blame everyone of encroaching their lands, but conveniently sweep under the rug the many Islamist leaders, both present and past, who called for converting the world by hook or by crook (Algerian President in 1974). Even then it wasn’t this bad.

    My suggestion to that radical lot right now is simple: Renounce your armed/unarmed Jihad & outdated medieval mentality and throw Ayatollah Khomeini with all his bullshit into the dustbin of world history, or continue getting destroyed and exterminated slowly and very very painfully. It’s either modernize or perish. It’s high time.

    Moreover, till date, NONE of these “Islamists” ever dared to wage their Jihad on China which suppresses Muslim festivals every year? Do these morons need to be cannibalized raw, terrorized, tortured and sent to the gallows forever for the world to be free of their menace?



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