This Guy is an Asshole for Being Rude – Not for Disliking Dogs!

You might have heard this story on Buzzfeed on how a Bangalore girl rejected a guy for not liking dogs. Instead of handing rejection gracefully, this asshole then tries to force his opinion down her throat telling her that “it’s just a temporary phase” and then “please marry the dog”. Here are the screenshots:




Reading about this on social media, this has now apparently become a gender issue. The most common questions are:

“Why is she being made a hero? She likes dogs, he doesn’t. End of story”

Answer: Except that this is not about disliking dogs. It’s about the guys’ rudeness and the patronizing tone he adopts in the chat. He tries to browbeat her, diminish the importance of her pet, and finally downright insults her.

“What if the roles were reversed? What if the guy had rejected the girl due to a dog?”

Answer. The same damn thing would have happened! If the girl couldn’t handle rejection and had abused the guy, social media would have roasted the girl. Duh! Being an asshole is not about gender. Both men and women can fit that profile.

So why is this a big issue? Because the girl stood up for herself (and her dog) and didn’t allow herself to get bullied. Not because someone didn’t like dogs.

P.S: If you get a pet, it’s a lifetime commitment. Your pet becomes your child. Your baby. If you can’t handle it, don’t fucking get a pet.

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9 thoughts on “This Guy is an Asshole for Being Rude – Not for Disliking Dogs!”

  1. Sir,

    It kinda baffles me that no-issues like this become news (not on official newspapers but social media) for nothing. I wonder why problems like this (if you can call them that) make rounds on social media. I have nothing more to say.



  2. The guy chose his mother. The girl chose her dog. She becomes a hero. He becomes a villain.

    The screenshots have been provided by one party only. Obviously she would only select the parts that make her look good. You have no idea what she may or may not have said about his family situation.

    It’s not very fair to conclude someone is an asshole by reading a snapshot of a part of a conversation. Maybe the girl was being an asshole too, but just edited it out, or simply left out earlier chats where she was being the asshole.


    • In reply to Sumit

      Uh…no. The girl chose her dog, the guy wanted the girl to choose his mother instead. Did the girl every say you should learn to love dogs, dogs are awesome – why don’t you like dogs…etc? Then why does the guy get to say that she should give up her dog? You cannot try and set someone else’s priorities. If you prioritize your mother, you cannot expect others to also prioritize your mother over other things they find important.


  3. Sumit, it is also possible that there is no guy and the woman frabricated the WHOLE thing. All she needed is 2 sim cards. Maybe the engagement ring did not have a big enough diamond, or maybe he was forcing her to go bungee-jumping. We can assume anything if we fall into the “Women these days” pit or “Men are Assholes” pit.

    Actually IF this is a fictitious story and this is REALLY what caused the breakup, who would you think is wrong?

    He says the dog is coming between the girl and her life. This is not true, no? It is not as if they are soul mates. It does not appear to be the chat of two people in love and suddenly a particular argument becomes huge. It appears more like they met at a matrimonial site and are reviewing each other’s priorities.

    My own attention went to the point that they were discussing an important point on WhatsApp and not ‘talking’. IF this is a true chat, what she should have done is say something to the effect of “Let me call you, I think this is important” If it is not, it is an amusing piece of fiction in an interesting format.


    • In reply to Rahini David

      Rahini, it’s possible that she fabricated the whole thing. I am already assuming its a true chat. Once you assume that, it would be sheer madness to think that the woman did not select out the parts that would make her look best.

      You say it looks like two people who met on a matrimonial site and were reviewing each other’s priorities. I think so too. From the chat itself it is clear that there were several previous chats in which they were already discussing priorities. You don’t know the tone and tenor with which she spoke about his priorities. She simply has not shown you that information. And why would she?

      And who are we to decide whether the man wants to think of the dog as coming between the girl and his life? Personally, I despise dogs. I adore cats. I have adored them since I was a kid. Back then, my mom wouldn’t let me have a cat. Now, my wife won’t let me have one because she hates them. If I was a woman and the mom/wife were reversed to father/husband, I would be a victim of patriarchal oppression.


  4. Am I missing something? If you look at his statement ” I don’t want to share the same bed with Dog”, cant we safely assume that the girl made a statement that her dog shares her bed and that would be the case even after marriage! In that case, isin’t the guy right about choosing love life vs pet! In this point of view I think the guy is right. But again, any one can say “No” to anything, as it is their right! You cannot force someone to get married to somebody. Who knows if the girl really loves some guy, she might sacrifice her pet! We have seen many people sacrifice their relationships with parents why not pets! I guess anything is possible.


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