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It’s been a long time since my last post. The main reason for this is that I found myself going round in circles. I feel I’ve said everything that needs to be said. All new issues in India are just rehashes of the same thing over and over again. And I’m tired. I don’t think most Indians understand the true meaning of free speech, or of privacy, and I just feel like I’m repeating myself.

But another reason is that I’ve been working on a project. My new website compares various web hosting products and gives reviews and prices of hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround etc. The idea is to make it easy to find web hosting savings via coupons.

As a freelancer, I thought I should diversify a bit and build an income source that’s not dependent on any single client. And so I’ve been building up WP-Tweaks for the past several months and I’ve achieved some measure of success. As of now, it’s just a few hundred dollars per month, but I hope that it’ll keep growing and become a more sustainable income stream in the future.

Hosting Savings with a Hostgator Coupon

Hostgator has been my top earner, with the Hostgator coupon code 2021 list, and I get most of my affiliate commissions from them. In fact, they offered me a partnership and a co-branded hosting page with, so that’s pretty cool!

While I’m working on WP-Tweaks, I don’t have the energy to continue to blog about issues as I once did. Moreover, staying for so long in the US has kind of detached me from what’s happening in India. I still follow the news and major developments, but I have less “skin in the game” as you might say.

That may change if I find that I need to come back to India for good. Then issues that happen there will once again impact my life and I might go back to blogging about them! But till then, my attention is focused elsewhere. I’ve been gaming a lot, and have started keeping logs of my daily life in little notebooks. So still plenty going on! Just not enough on the blog front to post new stuff I’m afraid :(

If/when I finally settle down in a new country, I’ll most likely continue to blog about things happening there, rather than India. I guess all this just sort of points to me not being a patriotic person! I have no loyalty to any particular country.

Such is life.

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