Analyzed Games of Go Seigen PDF [Corrected Version]

All the publicly available PDFs (so far) of the book “Go on Go: The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen” contain errors. Stones missing in diagrams and variations missing from pages. I was able to find just one correct copy on It was displayed online and unavailable for download, but Reddit user Asdfguy87 was able to get the pages one by one and was kind enough to send it to me. Here’s the complete and corrected PDF version:

Go on Go: The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen [PDF Download]

Note: Thank you also to Reddit user shokudou for giving me a smaller, and more efficient version of the above file.

I’ll try to keep this copy up for as long as my site exists, but I hope other people spread this to all the other parts of the Internet where the erroneous PDFs exist.

Examples of Errors in the Older PDFs

Just for reference, here are just a couple of representative errors that occur in the other PDF versions of this book.

On Page 13, for example, under the “Variation (B#19), there is supposed to be a White stone on P15 which is missing:

White Stone Missing at P15
White Stone Missing at P15

Another typical error is missing diagrams. For example, on Page 20, it says:

32: W #32 —
[See the variation.]

But there is no variation diagram. The entire PDF is littered with errors like the above two examples. So please take the version above and use to replace the older PDF copies if you can. Hopefully by the time my site goes the way of the dodo, there would be enough digital copies of the corrected one lying around for people to pick up.

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