How the UK Citizens Burnt their Identity Cards

For those unable to believe how anyone could possibly not welcome Identity cards with open arms, here’s a story for you. After the war, fed up with the constant intrusions of privacy and government tracking, the British Housewives League burnt their compulsory ID cards in frying pans and dry cleaners. In 1950 in London, when […]

Why we shouldn't give the Government too much Power – Savita Bhabi is Proof

A previous blog post of mine had opined that giving the Government too much power was dangerous – even in the interests of “National Security”. This is because any such power which is meant to be used only in extreme circumstances ends up being used in frivolous ways leading to a serious impingement on the […]

Poll: How will the Supreme Court rule on gay sex?

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National ID cards in India – The financial cost

The UK government has just admitted that National ID cards were a mistake. Amongst other reasons were the cost, as well as the realization that ID cards are not the solution to perfect security. Alan Johnson, the Home secretary had said: “it had been a mistake to ever allow the perception to grow that they […]

Worldwide attention on National ID cards in India

India’s plan to create National ID cards has received worlwide attention from sites like Slashdot. It’s interesting to see what the world thinks of it since the comments are by people who live in countries where National ID cards have failed as an Idea. The most shocking comment however, came from an Indian who claimed […]

National ID cards – A threat to privacy

If this topic interests you, take the poll below! The Indian Government has long been interested in issuing all citizens a Multipurpose National ID Card (MNIC). While I am certain that this scheme has been introduced with the very best intentions, I am afraid that it will lead to a serious invasion of the privacy […]

How do you define Privacy?

The concept of Privacy in India has been notoriously difficult to pin down into words, though we all have an understanding of what it means in one way or the other. We saw some Supreme Court cases which try and define privacy as the “right to be left alone”, but is this enough? Apparently not […]

Is Privacy a legal right in India?

Explains the legal basis for privacy issues in India. Talks about various Supreme Court judgments upholding the privacy of Indian citizens.

Privacy Laws in India

The understanding of Privacy is still in it’s infancy in India. We’re still at the stage where we feel that better security and information about everything is always a good thing. The danger is that by the time we realize that our hard earned freedoms have been lost, it can be too late. Several Government […]

Making India a Police State – Why isn't there an outcry?

I was alerted by Slashdot about the recent surveillance laws passed in India that gives the police sweeping powers to monitor all Internet communication for any suspected offense. The police have the right under the new laws to break into my house and check if I’m browsing porn. Image Credit: bennylin0724 This is not the […]