My Blogging Services

I’ve been associated with the blogging scene for several years now. In that time, I have become familiar with the enormous power of blogs with regard to creating content, building an image, and and creating a loyal user base.

Blogging Services

I have blogged in WordPress and Blogger. The variety of subjects that I have blogged on is pretty mind boggling. I have written on Dogs, Economics, Painting, Antiques, Money, Travel, and Law to name a few. I have learned how to manage a blog in such a way that it becomes successful and visible. My own blog is now at a PR of 3, and my other ventures like the painting blog for a client has done well too.

It has also been impressed upon me that the most important thing about blogging is regularity. Even if it’s once every two days, the articles must keep coming bang on time. This both creates an atmosphere of trust when dealing with clients, as well as makes good content for search engines to spider.

I know that linking is an important part of any blog, and that a blog must help it’s readers with useful outbound links so that the pages are not isolated from the rest of the net. Most of the time, these outbound links go to the main site, underlining the value of blogging with regard to creating content that supplements the main site.

I use SEO techniques on my own blog and have experienced first hand what it takes. I use pictures, “alt” text, headings, keyword research, links, and structure to ensure that my blog posts are read by my target audience. I take care of my client’s blogs in the same way, and also keep track of the rankings of each post in Google, Yahoo and MSN for the particular keyword that I have optimized the post for.

Please use the links on the left to explore the blogs I have worked on, and judge for yourself my experience in this field. t goes without saying that I never copy content from any other website. All my articles pass copyscape and there is no way I would be caught dead doing something like that.