Science and Technical Writing

My Science Qualifications

I’m a scientific sort of guy. Having graduated from college in Physics, Computers and Maths, I have a tremendous exposure to the scientific world.

Scientific and Technical Writing

I was Project Leader at the ICICI Center for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) where I led a team working on the mathematics Image Recognition using Principle Component Analysis (PCA).

In addition, I am an amateur astronomer, having at one time seriously considered building my own telescope, but came to my senses just in time 🙂 . The cities in which I live have so much light pollution that I just can’t enjoy the sky. My year in the country spoiled me silly and got me used to gorgeous clear star speckled nights, and I can’t settle for any less.

I also have plenty of experience writing in a scientific manner. In fact, this is my preferred mode of writing. I like to weigh the pros and cons of an argument, issue caveats, and pen out accurate conclusions. Much of my blog is written in this style, and in retrospect, that was a mistake I intend to rectify someday.

I’ve done a series of articles on medical topics ranging from Shoulder injury to pathologies of the spine. One of my strengths is the ability to read technical explanations and understand the workings of the subject thoroughly. Having done so, it allows me to put that understanding across to the reader in an easy manner.

Most people have the misconception that scientific writing is obtuse, and while it’s true that they are more complex, such assumptions arise from the poor ability of the writers who occasionally hide behind technical language to cover up their own lack of understanding. As Einstein said, if you can’t make your grandmother understand something, you haven’t really understood it yourself.

I also have experience writing for Wikipedia and have contributed my own little criticism (albeit a small one). I have lots of experience of the formatting styles in Wikipedia. To see large articles of mine written in the Wikipedia design, please click on the links under “Computer and IT Articles”. My Scientific Writing consists of articles as diverse as Economics, and Medical Writing, to the science of Painting. To me, scientific writing must consist of the presentation and examination of facts from which conclusions are drawn. It requires a specific type of style that comes very naturally to me. Please visit some of my articles on the left to see samples of this sort of writing.