About Me

My name is Bhagwad. I’m a writer in Tampa, Florida though it was in Chicago that I got my head start.

I graduated from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, and hold an MBA from ICFAI Hyderabad, majoring in Science, Marketing, IT, and Entrepreneurship. After holding many jobs and even running my own business, I decided to write for a living. I’ve been writing for several years, including maintaining my own blog and no other job has given me the freedom I need to enjoy my personal life.I specialize in technical writing and have written many medical, legal, and IT related articles. I’m also an expert at SEO and have received much praise from my clients for improving their site rankings on Google. In addition, I’m a showcased writer on Ezinearticles as well.

How I work

My buyers communicate over a variety of Instant Messaging software and I use an application called “Pidgin”, which aggregates all my chat accounts.

Firefox is my browser with a variety of plugins to make writing easier. All my work is saved in the cloud using Google Docs. This allows me to easily share projects with clients and keep my documents safe if my system crashes.
Finally, I use two operating systems on separate partitions. I can still deliver on deadlines if one of them crashes.

My Work Ethic

My commitments are important to me. Writing is my only job and keeping clients happy is the best way to keep it.
I also take communication very seriously and respond to emails immediately or as soon as I wake up.