Billu and the National Anthem

If you try and interfere with someone who is peacefully sitting and eating their popcorn while the National Anthem is playing, YOU are the criminal. You can condemn them verbally on social media – that is your freedom of expression. But you have no right to touch them, or ask them to leave the theater.

Remember – if you respect your country, then you will respect/obey the laws. And the laws do NOT require someone to stand for the National Anthem.

National Anthem stand

In the scene in Pulp Fiction where Marsellus gets raped, I would have felt a lot worse if it was a woman. When it comes to male rape, for me the physical pain and loss of control is a lot more important than the sexual aspect. When a woman is raped however, the feeling is totally different. There, the sexual aspect is the most important. Why do I have these double standards?

Male Rape Affects Me less than Female Rape – Why?

I just finished watching "Pulp Fiction" - great movie! Funny in a surreal sort of way, where you're never quite sure what's going to happen. But there was one scene that got me thinking. In it, a gangster boss called Marsellus is raped by a couple of … [Continue reading]

Searching for readymade or out-of-the-box breakfast ideas isn't easy. People simply don't understand these words anymore. Instead when I search the web, I get complicated recipes involving heating, chopping, dishes, multiple ingredients. Aaagh! Does no one just pick and eat stuff??

No one Understands What “Readymade” Means :(

I've been searching for breakfast options other than cereal. I'd like to get a bunch of protein in the mornings, and there are lots of options and articles on the Internet. But I have one requirement: I don't want to prepare anything. I don't … [Continue reading]

Some people accuse us of using the word "expat" only for white people, while we called others "immigrants". Even though this is generally true, this is not racism. It just so happens that white people tend to live in richer countries. It may look like color based discrimination, but it's not.<br></br>

flickr photo by DryHundredFear shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Not Racism – Expats are Not Immigrants

Accusations of racism are fashionable these days. Paris got more attention that Baghdad? Racism! Someone honestly questions the use of color in affirmative action? Racism! A while ago, the Guardian carried a piece implying that the word "Expat" was … [Continue reading]

I'm sick and tired of the complaints against the media in India.

Dear Hindutva Right – Please Start Your Own Media Channel

Media bashing is one of the favorite pastimes of the Hindu right. You know those Facebook posts with split images showing supposedly equivalent stories - and how the media reports on one and not the other? The comments section of a story in the Times … [Continue reading]


My Net Worth Hits 50 Lakhs! Retire in 3 Years?

The last update to my retirement plans was in 2012 when my net worth was just 17 lakhs or so. Here towards the end of 2015, I've finally crossed the old retirement target I set for myself in 2010 of Rs. 50 L in today's value. Here's a complete … [Continue reading]

It's not a bad thing that the world grieves for Paris and not Beirut or Baghdad. We view the Middle East as a giant mess where such things happen too often to get worked up over it. Paris on the other hand, is viewed as "safe". Terrorist attacks there get much more attention. That's not a bad thing.<br></br>
flickr photo by Pedro Fernandez Photo shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Yes, Paris Got More Attention than Beirut. Get Over It.

Seems like a lot of people who never showed any concern for Baghdad, Beirut and Lebannon attackes when they happened, have suddenly woken up. Now their complaint is that the rest of the world is grieving for Paris and ignoring bombings and killings … [Continue reading]

Normally when you don't like the nature of a country, you leave it and settle elsewhere. I would never live in an officially Muslim nation, and I wouldn't waste my time trying to change its basic nature. Similarly, the right in India seems to want a "Hindu nation". Since the character of India is so fundamentally different from what they want, doesn't it make sense for them to demand their own land outside India somewhere?<br></br>
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Should the Hindu Right Migrate to a New Country?

The Hindu Right is obviously upset. Recently, Girish Karnad got a death threat for saying something related to Tipu Sultan. Now getting a death threat is nothing special. Everyone gets them, especially over the Internet - big deal. What's interesting … [Continue reading]

I've always wanted to jump from heights, so I went bungee jumping in Costa Rica. It was the single dumbest thing I've ever done.

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica – What was I Thinking?

First things first. The jump was (almost) uneventful. The guides were thoroughly professional, followed all safety measures, and I have absolutely zero complaints on that score. Having said that, as I write this post, my palms are getting sweaty … [Continue reading]

Not everything generates the same outrage. Hindus on the Right feel that the murder of Prashant Poojary is being ignored, while the lynching in Dadri is receiving too much attention due to religious pandering. However, the real reason is simple. The circumstances of the murder in Dadri make the common man feel unsafe. The murder of Poojary however, does not. Here's why.

Dadri vs Prashant Poojary – Why They’re not the Same

The latest complaint of the Hindu right is to question the difference in the reactions between the Dadri beef lynching episode and the murder of the Bajrang Dal activist Prashant Poojary. You'll see pictures like this shared on Social … [Continue reading]