Why is everyone so eager to blame priests and outsiders for "inciting" the mob that killed a man? Each and every member of that group was an adult and bears full responsibility for their actions. It's time we stopped infantalizing our citizens and started treating them as adults.

Beef Killings: “Provoked” and “Incited” my Foot!

When a mob kills a man, do you blame the mob or someone who “incited” the mob? Here in India we’ve progressed far down the road of infantalizing our citizens. This means that instead of condemning the people who actually committed the crime, we seek to blame “priests”, and mysterious “outsiders” who forced the priest to make an announcement etc.

News reports say that a mob of around 200 people stormed the victim’s house and killed him. So far, only 6 people have been arrested. Why just 6? Every last one of those buggers needs to be hunted down and jailed. But most of the news reporting and outrage and “solutions” revolve around who “incited” the mob and spread false rumors.

Some politicians have even gone so far as to label the whole thing a “misunderstanding” and an “accident”. How the hell can you “accidentally” force a man out of his house and beat him to death? What “misunderstanding” can be responsible for it?

I don’t care who “incites” me. If I murder someone, I alone am responsible.

This is bullshit. Let’s be clear. The people who murdered this guy were adults who deliberately chose to go to his house and kill him. I don’t care if they were “incited”, or if false rumors were spread or whatever. They – and they alone – need to take full responsibility for their actions.

These are not animals who were “provoked” into violence. Human beings do not have a button inside their head which when pressed, leads them to uncontrollable rampage and violence. This mob felt safe and secure in their numbers and found voluntary ethical validation in their fellow rioters. They need to be taught a lesson – that you cannot shrug away responsibility for your actions.

Indian law repeatedly absolves rioters of their actions during a rampage. It treats them like a force of nature instead of aware adults who are expected to obey the law. Instead, it searches for who “provoked” the mob. As if that person holds a remote control and the actual mob members are brainless robots.

This lack of personal responsibility encourages people during a riot to simply do as they please. And it’s not just a question of law. News discussions, opinion articles and blogs are all quick to remove focus from the mob members. Well, I’m not willing to do that.

I don’t care who “incites” me. If I murder someone, I alone am responsible. I have the choice to decide whether or not a person’s words will influence me, and if I make the wrong choice, it is my fault and not theirs.

It’s time Indian law and society stopped diluting responsibility for violence. Islamic fanatics who murder others for “disrespecting Islam” cannot claim innocence no matter how much they were “provoked”. A criminal cannot blame society, “porn”, or alcohol for their misdeeds. Vandals who destroy art cannot shift the blame onto the artist for “hurting their sentiments”, and people cannot use the blanket of “offense” to escape culpability for murder.

Stop blaming priests, outsiders, and other nefarious elements. Start placing the blame for the murder squarely where it belongs – on the individual members of the mob who are expected to obey the law and made the choice to do otherwise. No one else is responsible for their actions expect for themselves.

Stop pandering to individual religions, or pander to ALL of them. If the government bans beef for "Hindu Sentiments", then please also ban meat for "Jain sentiments". No special treatment.

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It's time we stopped justifying the poor treatment of women and others in the name of tradition. We need to move on and adapt better values, better ideas, and leave old ones behind. But for that to happen, we must all get together and murder this beast called "Indian culture". As long as that remains, it will continue to hold us back. <br></br>
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Indian parents need to learn to discipline their kids and prevent them from making a nuisance of themselves in public spaces. Compared to the other children I see around me in the US, kids here are generally well mannered and if they raise a ruckus, the parents are embarrassed and make them keep quiet. Or they remove the child from the area. Why can't we do the same?

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Is this what we want to do to someone else? To kill innocent people and children? The Indian defense minister says he wants to use "terrorists to counter terrorists". Since when do we sanction violence against harmless people who have never hurt us in any way?<br></br>
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When both the perpetrators and direct victims of a crime are dead, it's time to let the matter go. The children of perpetrators have clean hands - and a country is made up of people. Yes, the colonization of India was a terrible thing. But from today's perspective, it's like a natural disaster. There's no one to blame, and there are no reparations to be made.

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There is nothing wrong with Jindal wanting to give up his "Indian roots". He wasn't even born in India! It's profoundly racist to insist that just because he has a particular DNA and because his parents were born somewhere else, he has to attach a certain name tag to himself. Our identities are something we create for ourselves - they are not imposed on us.

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Ready to eat food is an evolution over cooking. The debacle with Maggi simply means that processes are going to improve. Home cooking isn't inherently superior.<br></br>
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A lot of people would like to see barbaric punishments like hanging in public, stoning, etc. While this is because of India's laggy and inefficient judicial system, we must not forget who we are. Due process is what separates India from many of its neighbors.<br></br>

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The bail applications of Jayalalitha and Salman Khan should have only been heard after those of everyone else before them. These "expedited hearings" are what allow the rich and powerful to ignore the broken legal system in India. A strict "First in First out" set up would force them to provide speedy justice for everyone.

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