The usage of rape statistics to prove that India is somehow safer than Sweden is beyond ridiculous. It requires a unique kind of delusional thinking coupled with blind jingoism to ignore reality like this. <br></br>
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Nirbhaya Was Not Raped! – Bullshit Official Statistics

The documentary “India’s Daughter” has angered people in India who like to feel victimized by the “west”. According to these guys, the rape situation in India is actually better than in most countries. And to prove it, they show…wait for it…government statistics! Check out this article by the telegraph. It would have us believe that India is a haven for women compared to countries like the UK because the “per capita” reported rapes in the UK is greater.

Oh really?

Under Reporting Rape in India

Rape is an under reported crime throughout the world. The stigma attached to a survivor is strong, no matter where you go. But in India, the problem is much, much worse. If only 30% of rapes are reported in a country like the UK, the figure is easily 90% (and probably 99%) in India.

Those defending India’s situation on women would have us believe that a country like Sweden – which consistently ranks amongst the highest in the world in terms of gender equality – is a far more dangerous place than the streets of Delhi. Seriously.

The Police Don’t Register FIRs

Let’s say a rape survivor plucks up the courage (maybe even several days after the act) and goes to the police to register a case. What do our brave men in khaki do? That’s right – they often refuse to even register an FIR contrary to the explicit instructions of the Supreme Court.

Why do they do this? The reasons can be many. From wanting to keep the crime reporting low for their district, to the accused being a powerful figure, or whatever.

Bottom line – if you think rape is under reported, consider what happens even when it is reported!

Even Nirbhaya is not Counted as a Rape!

The single most famous case in the country responsible for sparking mass movements throughout the country regarding security for women doesn’t count as a rape in India’s statistics!

Why? Apparently according to our wise lawmakers, only the primary offence on the FIR is to be counted for reporting purposes. In this case, it was murder. Now, I’ve always held that murder is a more serious crime than rape, but to not count the crime at all for reporting purposes? That is seriously messed up.

Marital Rape is Legal in India

This is a biggie. In India, it is legal for a man to rape his wife! Even if he comes out in the open and admits it. Even if he makes a video of the act and shows it to everyone, the law cannot touch him! All because of the fucked up belief that a man is entitled to sex with his wife on demand.

Needless to say, this is bullshit. Rape is the same, regardless of the relationship of the victim to the criminal. But this huge category is not even treated as a crime by the Indian government! Now isn’t that a convenient way to reduce crime statistics? When a crime is no longer defined as a crime, it will magically vanish. Who knew!

All of this combines to make rape statistics in India worse than meaningless. Worse, because it actually gives a false illusion of security – and more recently, moral superiority. Do other civilized countries have problems with the under reporting of rape? Oh yes, they very much do. There’s a long and uphill battle ahead of them. But to consider the exponentially poor situation in India and place it on an equal footing is outright dishonesty and wishful thinking.

Why do people forget that Nirbhaya wasn't just raped? She was tortured, and murdered. Don't you think that the rape was the LEAST of what the poor girl went through?

Nirbhaya’s MURDERERS – Not her “Rapists”

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You may think that those demanding the death penalty for rape are fighting for a woman's dignity. I do not believe that is the case. In fact, quite the opposite.<br></br>creative commons licensed (BY-NC) flickr photo by ramesh_lalwani:

The Death Penalty for Rape Actually Degrades Women

I'd just finished writing about the practical problems of instituting the death penalty for rape. Enough people these days demand the death sentence for rapists. We're not talking about "rarest of the rare" cases like the Nirbhaya episode, where the … [Continue reading]


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The Nirbhaya rapist is a jerk. He can't take responsibility for his own actions. But he's right about one thing - the death penalty for rape is a bad idea.<br></br>

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Nirbhaya’s Rapist is Right About the Death Penalty

This asshole tries to justify his assault and murder of a woman because she was out late at night. Well, that's expected. A rapist take responsibility for his actions? Never! He's right about one thing though. The death sentence for rape per se is … [Continue reading]

You can't claim to be against conversions and then support *ghar wapsi*. In reality, the RSS is just lazy. It wants to retain Hindus in their club, but don't want to do the hard work of giving them reasons to stay. It's a free market. Go offer a better product than your competitors if you want to succeed.<br></br>creative commons licensed (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo by photomaga:

I’m Confused – Is the RSS for or Against Conversions?

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You think it's not possible to have a society where everyone insults and abuses others? Well, here's your chance. I give everyone in the world full permission to insult and abuse me using any words of their choosing. Go ahead! Watch how effortlessly I can ignore you.<br></br>
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You Have my Full Permission to Insult Me

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Do *True Believers* have to follow the <strong>literal</strong> word of the Quran or Bible? Is it mere opinion that everything must be *contextualized*? The word of God after all is the word of God. So do all religions including Hinduism inevitably lead to brutality and terror when followed strictly and literally?<br></br>
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“True” Islam or Christianity = Terror?

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Doctors have no right to impose their ethics onto other people. After providing all the medically relevant information, the decision for a procedure needs to be left to the patient. This is often violated when it comes to procedures like the sterilization of childfree women.<br></br>

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Sterilize me – No Morals Please!

Anupa and I have decided to not have children. Ever. We're damn sure even after 8 years of marriage. A while ago, she showed symptoms of endometriosis - a very common problem affecting women in general (thank god I'm not a woman!). One procedure that … [Continue reading]

Airtel's decision to charge extra for VoIP data arises from its conflict of interest. Its *Phone* business is suffering due to its *Data* business, and so it's tempted to make up the difference by charging us for what it has no right to charge us for. How about we split it up into 2 companies instead. Let the *Phone* Airtel be a separate business from the *Data* Airtel. Problem solved! <br></br>
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VoIP Charges – Time to Split Airtel into 2 Companies?

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