Learn Sanskrit in your spare time if you want, no one is stopping you. Or take private tuitions - no objections. But that's for your own pleasure alone. Sanskrit is dead and isn't coming back - ever. So stop trying to force people to waste their time, and let them select whatever interests them. Sanskrit is no longer an Indian language. How can it be, when no one speaks it?!<br></br>
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Sanskrit – Why Waste People’s Time with It?

Languages grow and die. Get used to it. Latin is the progenitor of modern romance languages. But do you hear of governments shoving it down people’s throats crying “Oh, its’s our culture”? No. To be sure, there are schools that teach Latin, but that is by choice, and not because it’s a legal requirement. Because sensible countries don’t live in the past and they don’t have massive inferiority complexes over their current situation leading them to lust after past glory.

And that’s what this idiocy with Sanskrit is really about. Proponents of “our great culture” like to proclaim that we have no pride and that the lack of Sanskrit in our schools is evidence of low self esteem, when the opposite is true! In reality, it is those who advocate the imposition of Sanskrit in schools who have the inferiority complex. Only a person who feels inferior will need to take refuge in a “golden age” of the past. It is these same guys who you constantly hear bragging about how great Indian culture was even though they personally had nothing to do with it!

Is it a coincidence that these crazies are once again those who talk about how airplanes were invented in India, and how we had nuclear weapons and all that bullshit? No – it’s not a coincidence, but just another symptom of what they guys are really after – an escape into a fantasy past merely so that they can feel good about being “Indian” – as if the present is not enough for them.

For these guys, “facts” don’t matter. They don’t care about the fact that Sanskrit is a dead language. They don’t care that picking up a language by teaching it formally in school is all but impossible if the student is not surrounded by it all the time. They think to themselves – “Oh, just teach kids the rules of Sanskrit grammar and give them exercises and voila! – before you know it they’ll be spouting Sanskrit while playing their friends!” Are they high? Does anyone really believe that?

I’ve been learning a new language for the past 5 months, and I can tell you it’s bloody difficult. You don’t get anywhere by just learning grammar rules and doing exercises. You need to devote all your time and attention to it. You have to talk to yourself. You need to be motivated. You have to want to learn it. Without that, you accomplish nothing. I know students who have been studying a language for years even in college and can’t speak a word of it.

Does anyone really believe that children are going to have such motivation? For what purpose? School is a drudgery – there’s no denying it. No kid in their right mind is going to dedicate the time and brain space necessary to learning a language instead of going and playing. And yes – this means that the German taught to these children is also likely to be useless. But there at least it’s a subject they have chosen. One can have hope at least, that it interests them.

But pushing a dead language onto students who have no interest in it, and who have no way of using it in the modern world? Such a terrible waste of time. And for what? To feed the delusions of lunatics desperately trying to cling onto a past in hopes of dealing with their pitiful feelings of inferiority, inadequacy and powerlessness in the modern world.

If someone doesn't care about politics, you can't MAKE them care. That's what freedom is about - you can choose to stay away, or participate. And of course, trying to make voting compulsory is completely impractical and idiotic. Especially in a country like India. <br></br>creative commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by Yogesh Mhatre: http://flickr.com/photos/mhatrey/6886404209

Compulsory Voting in India – What a Joke!

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Haider's worst fault is that it's boring. It isn't anti-national

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Hilarious Internet Comments #5 – Paranoia Taken to New Heights!

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There are thousands of undertrials languishing in Indian jails for years without ever appearing before a judge. And somehow Jayalalitha <strong>gets bail after being convicted</strong> within 20 days! And this after it took the courts <strong>18 years</strong> to convict her in the first place. This is messed up.<br>
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Jayalalitha – 18 Years to Convict. 20 Days to Get Bail

I must be missing something. The SC just granted Jayalalitha bail. Yes, yes I know this doesn't mean she's off the hook. But hey - can you blame me for wondering how long it's going to be before she's back in again? Let's see. Last time, it took a … [Continue reading]

Forcing people to stand up for the national anthem is wrong. Nowhere is it written that standing equals respect. And if someone doesn't respect the national flag, what are you going to do about it? Put them in jail merely for having a thought you don't like?

Preity Zinta – Why Should I Stand For the National Anthem?

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Don't complain about losing members of your religion if you can't match the competition. When a Christian missionary offers a starving person food in return for conversion, what is your problem? Will YOU help them instead? How does offering a choice make someone's life worse, when that offer can be freely refused?
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We Need MORE Religious Conversions, Not Less!

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