How to Run Leela Chess Engine (LCZero) in Arena at a Specific ELO

Leela chess is the new open source version of AlphaZero. Though you can play against her online, the best feature is the ability to run her at any strength in a local chess GUI like Arena. Here are detailed instructions on how to do that.

Why I Have a Self Hosted Blog

Most of the time, personal bloggers will never need to have a self hosted blog. Using will ensure that you content stays up even after you die, and you don’t have to bother about security, speed, compatibility, and cost.

Do you Have a Disqus Account?

I keep debating whether or not I should replace my comments section with Disqus. But the biggest thing holding me back is that people need a Disqus account. However, I’m pretty sure that most commenters already¬†have a Disqus account, so here’s quick poll. Just reply “yes” or “no” in the comments section depending on whether […]

VoIP Charges – Time to Split Airtel into 2 Companies?

Split Airtel into “Data” and “Phone” services. Problem solved.

Shocking Responses to Attack on Woman Wearing Google Glass

Defending those who attack people wearing Google Glass is very much like blaming a rape victim for her clothing.

How to Install Private Internet Access VPN on a Chromebook

Getting a Private Internet Access VPN to work on a Chromebook using Chrome OS is easy. You just need to know how.

Allow Infinite Replies with WordPress Threaded Comments

There’s no “Reply” link for WordPress threaded comments at maximum depth. Here’s how to allow infinite replies while maintaining a certain indentation.

How About a “Respect” Button instead of a “Like” Button?

How would it be to click a “Respect” button instead of a “Like” or a “+1”? For me, it would be a way of appreciation without endorsement

A Short History of VMware and Product Overview

VMware has been a pioneer in the virtualization and cloud industry. Here’s a brief history of its origins as well as its major product lines.

History and Significance of Nicira

For a startup, Nicira has had a huge impact on the field of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Here’s how they started up before being acquired by VMware.