Need Feedback – Trying out Google+ Comments on my Blog

I’m trying to make it easier to reply to my posts, but of course I don’t want to lose all my existing comments. So I’ve added the Google+ comments code before the native WordPress system. You can choose to use either but I’d like some thoughts from you as to how this feels. The benefits […]

Google Glass – Don’t Be Afraid of the FUD Hype

It’s absurd to be so afraid of Google Glass before it’s even launched. People are making wild projections about surveillance and privacy destruction that are completely unfounded.

How I Freed Myself from Documents and Paperwork

We need to make use of the cloud and storage solutions to simplify our lives. Google Docs, Lastpass, and other online services show us the way.

Using Google Voice as a Land Line Replacement – For Free!

Use Google Voice to make and receive free calls anywhere within the US or Canada. Pair a Bluetooth headset with it and you’re golden!

Using PHP with WordPress to Purge a Single File From CloudFlare

Use the CloudFlare API in PHP to purge a single file from the CloudFlare cache. Cache your entire site and not just static files.

Upgrading my Blog to Bluehost Pro

I finally got tired of slow shared hosting plans and upgraded to Bluehost Pro. It’s still shared hosting but with fewer servers and more space.

Apple Tries to Discourage Concert Piracy with New Patent

A new patent filed by Apple can prevent recordings at events like concerts and movie screenings. But there’s a darker side to this that repressive governments can exploit.

Organizing Meetings in the Age of the Internet

Improvements in communication technology has put a dent in the market catering to physical conferences and meetings. But will the need ever go away?

Using WordPress to Build Your Website

WordPress is well known as a blogging tool. But it can also be used to create awesome standalone websites with or without a blog component.

What I Want From a WordPress Commenting System

I’ve been searching vainly for the best comment system for WordPress for a while now. But all of them fall short in one way or the other. As of now I’ve settled on Disqus cause it seems to be the least bad. I may change it later on. Here’s a post explaining what I (and […]