Book Review: The Rai-Kirah Series by Carol Berg

Book review of the Rai-Kirah series by Carol Berg

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Discount Coupons for Laptops

Discounts on laptops are everywhere. If you know where to find them. Here are the various strategies retailers use.

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Ad Agency Costs

Many ad agencies use a variety of cost structures. Some charge a percent and others have fixed pricing models.

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Broadband Speed Measurement

While most people have broadband Internet connections today, here are a few factors that will affect your download and upload speeds.

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Google Glass – Don’t Be Afraid of the FUD Hype

It’s absurd to be so afraid of Google Glass before it’s even launched. People are making wild projections about surveillance and privacy destruction that are completely unfounded.

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How I Freed Myself from Documents and Paperwork

We need to make use of the cloud and storage solutions to simplify our lives. Google Docs, Lastpass, and other online services show us the way.

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Using Google Voice as a Land Line Replacement – For Free!

Use Google Voice to make and receive free calls anywhere within the US or Canada. Pair a Bluetooth headset with it and you’re golden!

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On Traveling Abroad and Seeing the World

My wife and I are very different when it comes to travel. She loves it. I hate it. She wants to go to new countries. I want to stay in the one I’m in. I live a virtual life…she has the real one :)


Apple Tries to Discourage Concert Piracy with New Patent

A new patent filed by Apple can prevent recordings at events like concerts and movie screenings. But there’s a darker side to this that repressive governments can exploit.

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Organizing Meetings in the Age of the Internet

Improvements in communication technology has put a dent in the market catering to physical conferences and meetings. But will the need ever go away?

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