“True” Islam or Christianity = Terror?

Literal interpreters of holy books are probably the “True” Muslims or Christians.

Sterilize me – No Morals Please!

Doctors must not refuse to sterilize childfree women.

Christian Missionaries – Show some Fucking Gratitude

Don’t blame Christian missionaries for offering people a choice.

Hilarious Internet Comments #5 – Paranoia Taken to New Heights!

ISIS, the CIA, the Vatican, and the Italian Mafia are all working together!

Death Penalty: Rise of the Bloodthirsty Indian

The bloodthirsty mob in India wants to retain the death penalty.

Why Your Reasons for Demanding a Tip are Wrong

Many servers have defending the practice of tipping. I dissect these reasons and call bullshit on them.

There’s No Free Will – But why the Resistance?

All the evidence points to a lack of free will. But many people are unreasonably eager to defend it. Why all the fuss?

Could we Be Living on a 4-Dimensional Surface?

I think our universe and space itself just might be the surface of some massive 4 dimensional structure. Hear me out – I’m not crazy!

Do You Want to be Reborn?

For most life on this planet, suffering is a way of life. Given that I’m incredibly lucky to be born into my current situation, do I ever want to experience rebirth?

Crucify Me – But…I Kinda Think a Fetus is Like a Parasite!

So there’s this baby inside you. It sucks nutrients from your body for nine months, gets bigger and bigger, and almost kills you when it comes out. Aliens anyone?