Compulsory Voting in India – What a Joke!

If someone doesn’t care about politics, you can’t force them to care.

Stop Blaming Facebook For Murders

I’m sick of people blaming Facebook and social media for their actions. People just need an excuse to get violent.

Shocking Responses to Attack on Woman Wearing Google Glass

Defending those who attack people wearing Google Glass is very much like blaming a rape victim for her clothing.

Dear SC – We Want you to do your JOB!

The Indian Supreme court has FAILED to do its JOB. Section 377 is blatantly unconstitutional and the court is shirking its responsibilities

Dear Modi, Please Provide Me with “Protection” as Well

Merely at the request of some random father, an entire squad of people violated the privacy of not just the girl, but her friends and family as well.

BlackBerry – I have a right to private communication

I have a right to communicate without the fear of eavesdroppers listening in. The Indian government needs to come to terms with encryption.

A Law to protect Privacy – Hooray for phone tapping!

Why the phone tapping controversy in India is a good thing and how it will help build an appreciation for the importance of privacy in our lives. The UID number should also learn lessons from this

Taking my fingerprints and iris scans by force

Will the government take my fingerprints and iris scans by force? Cause I’m not giving them willingly.

My first Radio Interview! – on the UID number

My first radio interview on the Unique Identity Number (UID) which will be given to all Indians. It focuses on privacy concerns and how it can be abused

Nilekani admits that UID will be used for tracking people

Describes how the government’s real reason for the UID is for tracking Indian citizens. Shows how this was inevitable and how far things can go.