Dear SC – We Want you to do your JOB!

The Indian Supreme court has FAILED to do its JOB. Section 377 is blatantly unconstitutional and the court is shirking its responsibilities

Absurd Statements from the SC Ruling on Homosexuality (Section 377)

A collection of inane statements from the Supreme Court verdict upholding Section 377. This not a joke!

SC Upholds Ban on Gay Sex- I am Ashamed to be an Indian

I refuse to associate myself with this country anymore. The Supreme Court’s verdict on gay sex is an outrage and deserves all the contempt we can muster.

Article 377 case pushed to 9th December 2009 in Supreme Court

Provides the next date for the hearing on Article 377 and shows two new petitioners who’ve come to oppose the decriminalization of homosexuality in the Supreme Court

Why the comparison between homosexuality and bestiality?

Explains why homosexuality in not comparable to bestiality

Section 377 – Mess in the SC. Hearing for 29th Oct. 2009

I’m trying to make sense of the mess of petitions in the Indian Supreme Court challenging the decriminalization of gay sex by the Delhi HC.

Hearing on Article 377 set for Tomorrow

Supreme Court hearing on Article 377 scheduled for 30th September 2009. The primary petitioner is called “Bhim Singh” who seems personally upset by the Delhi HCs decriminalization of homosexuality. Read on for more details…

Cabinet to Indian Supreme Court – "We'll leave Article 377 to you"

Now that the Indian SC will hear the petitions challenging the Delhi HC’s verdict on gay sex on the 29th of September or thereabouts, the Cabinet has at last come out with its final view on the matter. This as we saw, was delayed since Chidambaram was off in the US, but the three important […]

SC hearing on Article 377 postponed from 14th September to 29th

I really wish the media would take the trouble to keep us posted of important court cases when they’re scheduled for a hearing. We were all waiting for the SC to arbitrate Article 377 on the 14th of September 2009 and when the date arrives, no report in the media to keep us informed of […]

Govt. says High Court's Judgement on gay sex is Constitutional

It’s heartening to note, that while the Indian Govt. still has to lay it’s position before the Supreme Court, a preliminary panel of the three involved ministries (Home, Health, and Law) have said that the Delhi High Court’s judgment legalizing gay sex followed the Indian Constitution – specifically Articles 14, 15, and 21. The law […]