Trump’s Rise: Lessons for Liberals

What could we have done differently to prevent Trump from capturing the white house? Unfortunately, liberals are responsible for this mess we see in front of us today. The situation could have been defused long before it reached this point. Hopefully, we will all come away from this election cycle, a little bit wiser. So that this doesn’t happen again.

Why “White Privilege” Doesn’t Make Sense

White people do not have “privilege” in the US because the absence of that privilege will not make their lives worse. What matters is improving the lives of people of color – not resenting the benefits that white people have. Because it’s not a “privilege” to be treated as a decent human being. It depends on what you consider to be “normal” behavior in a society. So on which side of the fence are you?

You HAVE to Engage the Right – Not Dismiss Them

When someone challenges your ideas, don’t just brush them off. Decades of dismissing the right wing, calling them imbeciles, idiots, racists, and bigots is what has led to this sudden outburst of “nationalism” in India as well as the Trump phenomena in the US. You have to engage, argue, and debate. Defend your opinions and attack theirs with logic. If you act condescending and superior, you’re only creating more problems down the line.

Male Rape Affects Me less than Female Rape – Why?

In the scene in Pulp Fiction where Marsellus gets raped, I would have felt a lot worse if it was a woman. When it comes to male rape, for me the physical pain and loss of control is a lot more important than the sexual aspect. When a woman is raped however, the feeling is totally different. There, the sexual aspect is the most important. Why do I have these double standards?