Dadri vs Prashant Poojary – Why They’re not the Same

Not everything generates the same outrage. Hindus on the Right feel that the murder of Prashant Poojary is being ignored, while the lynching in Dadri is receiving too much attention due to religious pandering. However, the real reason is simple. The circumstances of the murder in Dadri make the common man feel unsafe. The murder of Poojary however, does not. Here’s why.


Modi Should Leave the BJP, Form his own Party

It’s clear that Modi can’t control the elements within his party. Lots of us like the idea of economic development, but hate the idea of a “Hindu nation”. Maybe Modi should split from the BJP and RSS and go his own way. That way, we can vote for development without the excess baggage of the BJP.


Why do Hindutva Types Compare us to Saudi Arabia?

The RSS, VHP, and other hindu organizations are forever comparing India to Islamic nations and saying “See! If you tried this in Saudi Arabia, you would be killed!” But so what? Are our standards so pathetically low that we’re thrilled about being better than one of the most barbaric nations on the planet? Come on…that’s no achievement!


Beef Killings: “Provoked” and “Incited” my Foot!

Just because someone is “incited” or “provoked”, doesn’t excuse their actions. They are still criminals.


Why a Beef Ban and no Meat Ban?

If you ban beef for Hindus, you have to also ban meat for Jains


We Need to Murder “Indian Culture”

“Indian culture” needs to die. Only then can we move on to better and more civilized ideas.


Sorry, but we can NEVER Fight “Terror with Terror”

India can never use terrorism as a tool. That is simply not who we are.


No Tharoor – The British Don’t Owe us Anything

The past is over and done with. No one living today is responsible.


Jindal Discards His Indian Roots – So What?

Jindal wants to leave his “Indian” tag behind. I support him.


Criminals Have Rights Too – For Our Sake, Not Theirs

Recently the Supreme Court ruled that hangings cannot be carried out secretly and without first allowing the convict to inform their family members and seek legal counsel. Makes sense right? After all, one of the pillars of the Constitution and of modern society is due process. Secret executions, killings etc – these are the hallmarks […]

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