Money Creation by Banks is Disrespectful and Offensive

Fractional reserve lending and the creation of money by banks is a bedrock of modern economic activity. However, despite its benefits, it’s fundamentally disrespectful and an affront to our sensibilities because it goes against what we’re all taught from a young age – that money is valuable and must be cherished and worked for. People […]

Kinesis: Why I’m Putting Money into Gold

I bought my first two pieces of gold today. I posted it on Reddit and got quite a few entertaining responses :) .Here are pics: Apart from these two pieces, I’m also putting money into Kinesis. A platform that holds your gold in secure vaults around the world, and lets you spend it digitally. The […]

My Net Worth Hits 50 Lakhs! Retire in 3 Years?

A full breakdown of my net worth which has finally crossed Rs. 50 Lakh. I think I can finally start looking forward to my retirement!

Advance Tax – An Indian Freelancer’s Dilemma

I have to pay 30% tax nf my future income for the year in September. How am I supposed to foresee my income before I’ve earned it? Use a crystal ball?

25 Years of Work Remaining :(

I’m set for retirement at 55. But I’m only 30. Good grief I have to work for 25 years more! Impossible. How am I going to manage it?

Saving for Retirement – Year 4. Goal achieved and New goals set!

Year four of my retirement planning sees my goals fulfilled :). So I just doubled them. This is the second time I’m increasing my targets.

My gift to save humanity

How I can use my retirement savings after I die to give humanity the money it needs in the future to get off our planet Earth when the time comes

Saving for Retirement – year two

Snapshot of my finances and how they contribute to my retirement goals. The new DTC may have some impact with the removal of ELSS schemes, but not much I think.

PayPal sending cheques to Indians – Did I wake up fifteen years ago?

There’s no way we can accept cheques (checks) as a valid way of withdrawing money from our PayPal accounts. This is the 21st century and we should get better service.

Worries over new DTC (Direct Tax Code) Law – Equities vs NPS

Why the Direct Tax Code (DTC) worries me and how it’ll affect my equity mutual fund investments. Examines alternatives like the New Pension Scheme (NPS) and how I want it to allow 100% equity investments