Haikus – Having a book at hand

Haiku on having a book to read

Haikus – Morning Serial

A weekend morning To watch with wife, tea A favorite serial

Haikus – Weekend. So what?

Weekend tomorrow But the next week brings more work! Best to enjoy now

Haikus – Writing in the morning

Chilly morning breeze Dark morning clouds hide the sun Preparing to write

Haikus – Good start to the weekend

Explains the feeling of a good start to the weekend

Haikus – Breakfast

Used fork lies lonelyMemories of a breakfastUniquely Human

Haikus – Death

Mass of flesh and bonesThat once were meant so much moreSomething from nothing

Haikus – The voice

Don’t know what’s comingWe can risk it anywayThe voice rings out clear

Haikus – Come back

The humid warm airWith the smell of the old roomTo move on ahead Growth and change are realFor security is deathAnd the static kills To create and buildAn outgrowth of who we areLife calling to life Soft Music playingAn idle evening to passA lighted warm room

Haikus – Repast

Given the orderGnawing hunger persistentSee the soup has come!