Stop Monitoring Religion! – Is the government crazy?

The government should stop trying to track religion statistics and leave things alone. By drawing attention to religion in the workplace, you merely increase its presence. Let things be

Trying to make the UID palatable to the common man

Exposes false claims that the Indian Unique Identity (UID) Number will check illegal immigrants and gives the real reason for the project – control

Getting your fingerprints by hook or crook for the UID

The Indian Unique Identity Number (UID) is going to take all ten fingerprints from people at all places where identification is required such as banks, passport and driving license offices.

Privacy wins and the WADA code is suspended!

Celebrates the victory of Privacy in India with the WADA’s invasive whereabouts clause being suspended because it conflicts with the Constitution of India

It's started – UID used for tagging and tracking

Showcases how the Indian Government is going to use the Unique Identification Number (UIN) to track and tag children till the age of 14 – including their caste information.

UID and Cellphone Numbers – a benign start?

India’s Unique Identity Number is all set to ride on the country’s large cell phone database which has around 500 million subscribes. It’ll be a challenge to collect the subscriber’s biometric data and prevent duplicates. But most importantly, will it be misused by the government to create a police state as has happened in so many other countries?

Indian Unique National ID will not include Personal Details

There’s some good news and some bad news for those who feel that the Unique Identity number for Indians will be an invasion of their privacy. First the good news. It turns out that the ID will be linked to only four pieces of information namely: Name Address Date of Birth Fingerprints This means that […]

Indian National ID Voluntary – No card at all!

Here’s some great news. Apparently, the Government will not be issuing any National ID card at all, but rather a stand alone number. Even better, it will not be compulsory. So that rules out stopping people on the road and asking them for their card randomly. Image Credit: Elliot Moore This removes the teeth from […]

WADA – Threatening Privacy in the name of "safety"

It’s a disturbing trend these days that governments and regulation bodies think that safety concerns can override an individual’s freedom. Whether it is censoring the Internet, surveillance, or the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) new “whereabout” clause, the underlying idea is the same – individual’s rights come secondary to “public safety”. Or so they say. Image […]

Poll: Should Indian Cricketers agree to the invasive WADA clause?

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