Does Music go to Heaven When it Ends?

Consciousness is like music. When we die, there’s no going forward. No heaven. No hell. No rebirth or afterlife. We just “die”.

Abortion – Do You Value the Life of a Human Above that of an Animal?

Do you place human life above all other others, or does all life have the same value to you?

To Be at Peace, You Have to Be Blind to Suffering

In the end we’re only responsible for ourselves and no one else. This is actually a good thing since otherwise we could never be at peace.

Hilarious Internet Comments #3 – This “Freedom” Aspect

We read about the Indian diplomat in the US who was convicted of torturing her maid by making her work for 16 hrs a day with a salary of $108 per month, seizing her documents, not permitting her to telephone her family, and depriving her of food causing her to lose 28 kilos in three […]

Hilarious Internet Comments #2

Earlier I wrote about how so many Indians foolishly glorify and long for the past when India was great etc…A few days ago I was privileged to receive a missive from this enthusiastic gentleman: Why are Patriotic Indians Obsessed with the Past? what u mean on this?. hello Bro dont insult all indian muslim, me […]

Hilarious Internet Comments #1

Random amusing comments found while trolling the Internet wastelands. No. 1

Why are Patriotic Indians Obsessed with the Past?

Raise a hand if you’ve heard statements like this on blogs, articles and various comment forums: India was the greatest power in the world for thousands of years Muslim invaders came and destroyed Indian culture Indian knowledge was far ahead of its time and was the envy of the world India had the greatest philosophers […]

Would you Die for your Country?

I’m incapable of dying for an abstract boundary and I can’t blindly obey anyone if my life is at risk. I would make a horrible soldier.

Did he force her to commit suicide?

It’s not right to blame a person if their ex boyfriend or girlfriend commits suicide. A person killing themselves is their own choice, and while there are exceptions, they are not the rule.

Trust – The real reason why Indians don’t board flights properly

Indians aren’t inherently unruly. It’s just that we don’t trust other Indians to obey rules and behave decently. This is the reason why we don’t board flights properly