How About a “Respect” Button instead of a “Like” Button?

A bit of research caught my eye yesterday – namely how a “Respect” button was more likely to encourage better conversations and discussion over the Internet compared to a “Like” or a “+1” button. This makes sense. Often I read something that is well written and thoughtful, but which I don’t agree with nonetheless. I’m hesitant to “Like” it or endorse it in any way even though I wouldn’t mind conveying my appreciation for the writer.

I’m sure all of us have faced a situation where you want to “share” an article without actually endorsing it. A website usually doesn’t have a “Share” as well as a “Like” or “+1” button because that would just look silly. So I’m forced to copy the URL, navigate to the social media website and share it manually. It’s just my way of saying “I think you should read this. I don’t necessarily agree with what’s being said, but it’s worth going through.

I’d love to implement a “Respect” option on my blog. So far, there’s just one plugin – the Hyves Respect Button which looks pretty good but when you click it you have to sign into yet another social network. Ain’t no one got time for that! It’ll be nice if one of the existing networks reworked their buttons or added an additional option for a “Respect” button. I’m not sure how they’ll manage it, but I think it’s sorely needed.

This would be particularly awesome in the comments section. It should help promote more civilized debate and by clicking it, readers could give a quick nod to a well presented argument without necessarily affiliating themselves with it.

What do you think? Would you be more willing to engage with a “Respect” button instead of a “Like” or a “+1”?

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4 thoughts on “How About a “Respect” Button instead of a “Like” Button?”

  1. What an excellent idea, I would certainly use a “Respect” button in recognition of a thoughtful, well written point of view that I don’t necessarily agree with.


  2. i know what you mean. Sometimes i find your articles are well written, even though i might not agree with everything you say… a” respect button ” would convey this sentiment.


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