WP-Tweaks.com for Web Hosting: My Project in 2024

After more than a decade, my flow of blog posts about India has ended. Since I now live in North America, it doesn’t make sense to write about it anymore. But more importantly, I’ve lost myself in my new project: WP-Tweaks.com. I compare various web hosting products, write reviews, and compare hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, NameHero, etc. The idea is to make it easy to find web hosting savings via coupons.

As a freelancer, I should diversify and build an income source that’s not dependent on any single client. I’ve been building up WP-Tweaks for several months and have achieved some success, and it now generates a steady income stream every month.

Maintaining a Hostgator Coupon Code 2024 List

Hostgator has been my top earner, with the Hostgator coupon code 2024 page. I get most of my commissions from them. They offered me a partnership and a co-branded hosting page with WP-Tweaks.com, so that’s pretty cool.

I’ve been hosting my website for years and have moved through several hosts since the beginning. Starting with GoDaddy, then Bluehost, then SiteGround, and finally, NameHero. So I’ve gotten a lot of experience, and I feel I can pass some of that along with WP-Tweaks.com. It also gives me a place where I can write web hosting tutorials and share my learnings.

While WP-Tweaks.com first started as only a place that compares the prices of web hosting products, it’s now become a comprehensive resource on web hosting with reviews, the latest news, and a place where I can give my opinions on the latest trends in web hosting. I still have time to work on several freelance projects, but WP-Tweaks is my primary focus.

What distinguishes WP-Tweaks.com from other web hosting coupon sites is that it never hides the coupon codes. Other sites mask the coupons, forcing you to click on the buttons to “reveal” them. This is often just a ploy to trick you into a click and place a cookie on your site for conversion tracking. Also, many of these coupons will be outdated – or worse, fake! They don’t want to help you. They want your clicks. WP-Tweaks.com takes a different approach. I trust my users to either click my codes of their own volition or use them by manually copying them on the target web host. It doesn’t matter if I lose a few commissions this way. I’m still content.

WP-Tweaks.com Now Lives on a VPS!

I’ve come a long way since I first decided to host for free on Google Pages. Since then, I’ve had to solve intermittent database errors, fix spam issues, and deal with other web hosting problems. I’ve also dealt with unfair pricing and web hosting customer support reps trying to trick you into upgrading to a higher-tier plan when you don’t need to. Now I’ve taken things to the next level and installed WP-Tweaks.com onto a VPS! It’s equal parts empowering and terrifying. The power is immense, but so is the responsibility, and I’m terrified of something going wrong and screwing things up.

But I’m handling it okay so far, and my site appears to be singing. So here’s hoping everything remains excellent!

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