On superiority regarding art

I have met some people, who look down on others who are unable to appreciate a certain work of art. They call them philistines and barbarians, like Cacofonix calls the Gauls. When this is said jokingly, and lightheartedly, then it’s just a joke, but when it’s meant seriously, it’s mean, and foolishly snobbish. Let’s take … Read more

The Importance of Man (Any Life)

The current state of science, economics, and business, has removed man from his pedestal. An average person feels helpless confronted by these giant impersonal forces. Science has had a bit of a negative role here. You see, a man of science thinks how small he is in comparison to the universe. We both know how … Read more

Recent Haikus

18th September Higher and higherSublime and sweet the voice singsLifting and soaring We torture ourselves;Mostly it is a habit.A secure feeling. 19th September The Ethic existsAt any given moment,and the moments change. 20th September Walk the path aloneEach man’s life, his own journeyUnlived life. Huge waste We must walk our pathIt ends the same for … Read more

Early Haiku poetry

A sunlit morningSweeping the Road for the dayA futile effort Lazy snow white cloudsA gentle breeze cools the browHear the leaves rustle Chirping birds in SpringLife springing up everywhereDead TV chains us Early dusk, dog barksPink clouds. The children playingAll silence. No thought. Plants grow in the darkHidden from sight and knowledgeNature needs us not … Read more