Billu and the National Anthem

You claim to respect your country. Then follow the LAWS. And the LAW does not require you to stand for the National Anthem in a theater. I show my respect by sitting peacefully and quietly munching my popcorn. And that is none of your damn business.

Not Racism – Expats are Not Immigrants

Some people accuse us of using the word “expat” only for white people, while we called others “immigrants”. Even though this is generally true, this is not racism. It just so happens that white people tend to live in richer countries. It may look like color based discrimination, but it’s not.

Yes, Paris Got More Attention than Beirut. Get Over It.

It’s not a bad thing that the world grieves for Paris and not Beirut or Baghdad. We view the Middle East as a giant mess up where such things happen too often to get worked up over it. Paris on the other hand, is viewed as “safe”. Terrorist attacks there get much more attention. That’s not a bad thing.

Should the Hindu Right Migrate to a New Country?

Normally when you don’t like the nature of a country, you leave it and settle elsewhere. I would never live in an officially Muslim nation, and I wouldn’t waste my time trying to change its basic nature. Similarly, the right in India seems to want a “Hindu nation”. Since the character of India is so fundamentally different from what they want, doesn’t it make sense for them to demand their own land outside India somewhere?

Dadri vs Prashant Poojary – Why They’re not the Same

Not everything generates the same outrage. Hindus on the Right feel that the murder of Prashant Poojary is being ignored, while the lynching in Dadri is receiving too much attention due to religious pandering. However, the real reason is simple. The circumstances of the murder in Dadri make the common man feel unsafe. The murder of Poojary however, does not. Here’s why.

Why do Hindutva Types Compare us to Saudi Arabia?

The RSS, VHP, and other hindu organizations are forever comparing India to Islamic nations and saying “See! If you tried this in Saudi Arabia, you would be killed!” But so what? Are our standards so pathetically low that we’re thrilled about being better than one of the most barbaric nations on the planet? Come on…that’s no achievement!