The importance of free time

Yesterday was Saturday, and I was asked to come to work on Sunday, which is today, for 3 hours, though experience shows that it’s usually longer than what they say. I refused to come. They say it’s important. That’s an insult. It implies that my free time, and my home life is not.

I know the importance of the meeting. I know that people have flown down from other cities, and even though it wasn’t planned up to the last minute, the meeting will decide some critical issues. The point is, I find my home life, and what I do on Sunday, even more important.

I won’t say that I have some commitment, or that I write some book, or some other fruity occupation like that. I just waste my time. And it’s very important for me to waste my time. More important than anything else. Wasting time is all for me. I wish I could waste decades of my time, but I’m forced to work. It turns out, that when I waste time for long periods, I paradoxically become rather productive. My last two years which were wasted, were the most productive of my life. I learned the guitar, played chess, wrote poetry and other articles, picked up a bit of Japanese, and learned a good deal of psychology, among other things.

But that’s hardly the point. Even if I didn’t do anything productive, I still have a right to make wasting time a priority. I choose to do so. I wish to accomplish nothing, and die unknown.

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  1. Dear Mr. Park,I am a Permissions Specialist for Kendall/Hunt Publishing in the US. One of our authors would like to reprint your blog "The Importance of Free Time" in their college textbook. We are requesting non-exclusive permission from you to do this. In exchange for your permission, Kendall/Hunt Publishing will pay you $100. Please let me know if this agreeable.Thank you,Renae HorstmanKendall/Hunt [email protected]


  2. Dear Renae,I had replied to your comment by mail earlier.I would be happy to give my permission to reprint my article. Would it be possible for me to obtain a copy of the the textbook once it has been printed?RegardsBagwad Jal Park


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