Reality is so boring…

I’m sitting here getting bored. True, I have stuff to do like play darts, read “A Town like Alice” and browse the net, but none of it really feels worth doing. For the past three weeks or so, Anupa’s been busy buying a car for us, running around, and leaving me to my own devices. Even though it’s what I do all day, I always look forward to having her with me in the evenings for company – even if we just sit and watch something.

Yep - it's a boring world alright

Yep - it's a boring world alright

It’s Halloween season and I’ve been gorging myself on horror movies. But it’s over now and I never really liked TV anyway. Why is life so damn boring? I know what you’re thinking…spoiled p***k doesn’t know how hard the rest of us work and can’t appreciate his leisure. There’s truth in that I admit, but even you guys who break your back working all day must know what I mean. How many of us have jobs we find meaningful and are just rearing to go in the morning? I’ve been through the work routine more than I care to recollect and I know what it’s like. Same old crap every day. Cups of coffee and lunch to break the ennui. Either that, or frantic work which has to get done, just because it has to get done. No bigger meaning. Damn reality sucks!

No wonder I like to lose myself in fantasy where stuff matters! There are great quests, the fate of world hanging in the balance and that sort of thing. Nobility, real danger, ancient secrets, arcane powers and what not. Online fantasy┬árole playing games like Diablo and WoW can drag us away from boring reality. No wonder they’re so wildly addictive. And before you turn your nose up at me, all you (mostly women here) reading romance novels like “Twilight” are no better I tell you! Books like “Pride and Prejudice” with its hunky hero being a woman’s wet dream come true. You guys want to escape from reality as much as I do :D

This is different from confronting meaninglessness in the universe. I’ve got that one covered already. My gripe is to do with the nature of the world itself. I’m being greedy I know – life itself is a miracle which is why I want to save it, but one can’t help getting dragged down into mundane details and forgetting the bigger picture. We’re too deep into it to maintain that sort of perspective for long.

There are a few activities that still give me that sense of wonder and adventure. Astronomy is one of them. But with light pollution being what it is, I can’t indulge in it the way I want to without living in some village. Gardening is another, but I need to settle down first. The idea of growing flowers doesn’t appeal to me.

This might actually be one of those cases where having children has its uses. Parents at least feel their life is meaningful. I’m not saying I’d trade my life for theirs and inherit all the responsibilities, but it’s just a thought. Kids are a great thing for those who have it in their DNA to be parents. But perhaps even parents get bogged down in the boring world of reality.

Few things beat a really good book and luckily, there’s no shortage of them. Till I find some other activity that really pushes my buttons, it’s as good an escape as any I guess.

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  1. Lahiru de Silva says

    U know bhagwad, still my dream is to come to the US. I have been applying for the Green Card lottery for 16 years at a stretch now, but no luck. To me the US is the most interested place on Earth. Everything happens there. I find it hard to belive life in the US can be boring. So how di you go to US?? U also won Green card lottery?? what is your job?? Surely, US workplace must be very interesting place. US also have 100s of things to do like bowling, bars, nighlife, greate resturants, hiking and stuff like that?? So what you do???


    • In reply to Lahiru de Silva

      Coming to the US was pretty easy. My wife works for TCS, and she was sent here so I came alone. We have no plans to stay in the US since we both like India and want to come back :) . I’m a writer and I don’t really need to go out anywhere and neither do I really want to. So not much benefit to me being here!


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