Feminism IS About The Right to Be Semi-Naked

Every time a woman asserts her right to dress the way she wants without being blamed for getting attacked, someone will say – “Feminism isn’t about going half naked”. But you know what? It is. The very fact that people are trying to tell women what is “decent” and what isn’t, what is “acceptable” and what isn’t, means that this matters. Because how a woman dresses should be up to her, and up to her alone.

Recently a group of Indian women in Harvard staged a demonstration to make the point that what a woman wears is in no way an indication of consent and neither is it a reason to shift blame onto her for what someone else decides to do. Many of them went topless just to make a point. And predictably, the comments below that article show just how necessary such a demonstration really is. Here’s one comment:

Somebody please tell the feminists that ‘feminism’ is not about roaming semi-naked.

I’d like to ask this guy what exactly his problem is, because his sentiments were echoed by many who followed. How does it matter to anyone except the woman herself what she chooses to wear? What is even the need to say something like that? Isn’t it because people are still trying to control what a woman wears and what she doesn’t? What is stopping this guy from saying to himself “Hmm, ok. I personally wouldn’t do something like that. I’ll never dress in that way myself. But hey! Whatever works for her”!

Instead of that, we get gyan about how feminism isn’t about being semi-naked. And as long as people say that, it becomes about the right to be semi-naked without people questioning you. In fact, much of feminism and human rights in general can be summed up in five beautiful words:


Now is that really so hard?

P.S: Before some joker asks “Would you allow your mother/wife/sister/daughter or whatever to go naked on the streets, the answer is simply this: “I do not own my mother/sister/daughter/wife. They are their own people, so the question of allow doesn’t arise in the first place”!

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  1. I think the walking around half naked has more to do with morality and the culture’s structure. In America, no shirt, no shoes, no service signs still exist. Are they sexist? No. In general, we Americans feel uncomfortable with nudity. I can’t walk around with my penis out. We just don’t do it.


    • In reply to David

      Exactly. Feminism is calling for more women’s rights left and right, but this isn’t about sexism. Nudity makes people feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry there’s still people out there with morals. You make it more about sexuality instead of about the person when you walk around nude/semi-nude. There’s obvious reasoning behind wearing clothes. It’s mostly moronic feminists and free-spirit libertards who are going full dumbass with this.


  2. Brilliant!

    Naked is natural, anyway. I bet the people who claim that homosexuality is not natural are the same ones who also want women to be unnaturally clothed!


  3. while i agree with most of what you said, could you clarify exactly what you mean by semi-naked… More specifically, are you opposed to any law opposing public indecency? I personally support the right of consenting adults to do whatever they want AND dress however they please in the privacy of their own homes or in a privately owned building such as a strip club or a nude fashion show, or even in a clearly demarcated public area such as a nude beach… But i’m not quite sure it would be completely unreasonable to impose some kind of general guideline, if not a law, about how people should be dressed in public, as long as these guidelines are sufficiently flexible and more importantly are gender neutral…


    • In reply to csn

      I agree with you first and foremost that any law needs to be gender neutral. So that is my primary concern here – no one would have bothered if men were topless instead of women.

      As for general public nudity…I would hope that we eventually reach a stage where people can walk around naked if they want. But I admit it’s a bit of a difficult thing to accept as I’d written years earlier: http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2011/philosophy/dilemmas-of-a-liberal.html/

      Nonetheless, I don’t see how we can avoid that state sooner or later. And IMHO it will be a good thing.


      • In reply to bhagwad

        great post!!! i think you’ve raised some important issues in your post… I’m a drug rights advocate and i think that the manufacture, sale and recreational use of drugs such as cannabis, LSD, psilocybin, etc should be legalized, as I’ve experienced the positive effect of these drugs and several studies have shown that they are not dangerous… yet even i would be a little reluctant to fully legalize something like crystal meth or heroin considering their addictive nature…a bit hypocritical, really…


  4. I would say feminism is about having autonomy over ones own body, because “semi-naked” is rather subjective. In the sense of being “semi-naked” or the ability to walk around nude, in order for that to happen (for women especially) is that there needs to be a culture where women’s bodies aren’t sexualized. For instance, the belief that women who dress a certain way means she’s inviting consent. That mentality has to be dismantled.


  5. Yes!
    “In fact, much of feminism and human rights in general can be summed up in five beautiful words:
    Well said!


  6. No need to bother so much. It’s a matter of few more years, then gradually it’ll become a tale of the past. Since we see men are gradually getting accustomed to every bit of feminist exposure. Few years back exposing little cleavage was a big deal resulting throbbing of millions of hearts. But now it’s merely noticed, despite a large portion of boobs and almost whole buts are on display. It’s like a process of evolution from fully covered to partially covered to semi covered to partially naked to semi naked to fully naked…what remains except another final leap? Go on…who is preventing you? If a few mentally sick do stare with piercing eyes, let them do what they like. They have their right to see what is exposed on the streets until they’re not entering your home and demanding it. Ultimately, nobody has the right to command you what to wear and what not to. Should you wear something or remain naked, this is none of their business, so long as you aren’t commanding them to wear or to be naked. After all the theory of evolution too proves that your ancestors were naked and your distant cousins are also bare naked.
    Men don’t expose since they’ve nothing to expose, but the other gender has much more.
    Well done! the Indian students from Harvard, you are the torch bearers for the complete freedom of speech, responsibility and unnecessary clothes too. You’ll surely be admired by the Generationext.


  7. You know you really change the mood of the environment you’re in by the way that someone is dressed. It can go from a family setting to something very sexual by the choice of thongs and bikinis. And if everyone is wearing a one-piece and one or two girls have two-pieces on and thongs all of a sudden it becomes uncomfortable, especially when the rules are clear that topless is forbidden but they are pushing it by exposing a little labia or nipple with their attire.

    And they may not even be into a guy staring. All of a sudden it could get hostile and the same slutty women now are approaching some authority figure- a lifeguard or police officer to escort this man to leave. This person may not have been at the park or wherever with the intentions to stare at women, but they are definitely standing out and now taking advantage of this poor guy because he is not attractive enough for their standards. Now it has shifted from this family environment to these slutty ho’s exerting their power over this guy, maybe to pursue the hot lifeguard or park ranger, or just to show that this man is out of their league.

    And so the feminazis win again. They claimed gender equality, like always, but clearly now they are after power, asserting their dominance over men, which has always been their true goal, the power-hungry sluts. As you can see from a guy’s perspective this would ruin an entirely otherwise pleasant afternoon. They have areas where nudism is permitted, and topless beaches. Why they have to disrupt events and claim it is “feminism” just goes to show their true intentions.


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